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All-Door Boarding

All-Door Boarding

All-Door Boarding allows customers to enter buses at any door with a TAP card. All-Door Boarding allows for faster boarding, shorter stops and increased reliability. You must have a valid TAP card in order to ride Line 754, Line 720 and Metro Silver Line. Cash can be used to purchase a TAP card and fare at the front the bus, or to reload your TAP card.

The All-Door Boarding program is expanding beyond the Metro Silver Line to include:

  • Line 754 (June 24, 2018)
  • Line 720 (October 14, 2018)

How does All-Door Boarding work?

Look for these decals on buses in order to board at any door:

  1. Get and load a TAP card.
  2. Enter through any door.
  3. Tap your card at the validator inside the bus to verify that your card is valid.

If you’re paying with cash, board at the front of the bus to purchase and load a TAP card.

> Need to add fare?
TAP cards are required on all All-Door Boarding lines. TAP cards can be purchased and reloaded:

  • At the front of the bus
  • Online at
  • By calling 866.TAPTOGO
  • At over 400 TAP vendor locations
  • At TAP vending machines, located at Metro rail, Metro Silver Line and Metro Orange line stations