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Teddy bear accidentally left on the train

Lost & Found

The Lost and Found is open temporarily Monday - Friday from 10am-2pm. 


The easiest and most efficient way to report a lost item is by filling out a Lost Item Report. Once submitted, you will receive a reference number via email, confirming the report has been successfully logged into the system. Retain the number in the event your item is located. You will need it and a valid ID to recover your item(s).

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report a lost item in person?

Can I submit a picture of my lost item(s)?

How do I submit a report, if I don't have access to email?

How do I submit an item I found on Metro property?

How long does it take for me to retrieve my item, if recovered?

How will I know my item has been recovered?

What if my item has/have been recovered and I cannot go to the Lost & Found office to get my property?

Can I have someone retrieve my item(s)?

If I am notified my item(s) has/have been recovered, how do I retrieve it/them?

What is required to retrieve my item(s)?

How long does Metro retain recovered items?

What happens to unclaimed items?

Where are the items auctioned?

Location & Hours

The Metro Lost & Found office is located at 3571 Pasadena Av. (accessible by the Gold Line Heritage Station) and is open from 10am - 2pm; Monday through Friday (excluding major holidays).

Information only line: 323.937.8920

Property Release


Please fill out the release form to authorize release of your property, either to a designated third party or via shipping. For your protection, you must include a copy of a government issued photo Identification (i.e. driver license, passport, etc.). Return the completed form with a copy of your ID via mail or email at Please note items are held for a maximum of ninety (90) days.

LACMTA does not pay for shipping of items, under any circumstance. We will package items and complete shipping documents, only after the Release Form has been completed with the required information and received by this office.

For your security, we will only accept an account number from a shipping company or a pre-paid postage shipping label from a shipping provider (see shipping label procedure). We will not accept cash or credit card payments for shipping charges.

If you elect to have your property released to a third-party designee he/she is required to provide a valid government issued photo ID, at the time of pick-up. The ID must be an exact match with the name provided on the form.