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We’re transforming LA County.

Next Stop: More Go

We're building and repairing. That means dozens of newly-connected journeys, more rail to more places and freeway fixes are in our future transformation. Learn more .

Next Stop: More Boomtown

Investing $52 billion in new projects will bring 778,000 new jobs to LA County, and help to fuel a thriving economy. Learn more .

Next Stop: Fresh Air

With a million rides a day, we take a lot of cars off the road to clear the air. But that's only a start. Every future project we have will leave the greenest footprint possible. Learn more .

Project Tracker:

Forty projects in forty years makes for a long to-do list and lots of activity. Use this chart – just like our Metro project teams do – to track our progress.

Interactive Map: Project List

Click on a number below to read the project description. View map fullscreen .

What's Happening today at Metro?

Find out about meetings and events at Metro including art & cultural events, community meetings, community events, and business events . You can get additional information regarding the meetings listed below by clicking or hovering on the links. In addition, you can view meetings or events by month, week or day as well by clicking on the tabs below.

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