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Records Management Center manages off-site storage,  disposition of inactive records, captures and indexes significant Metro records.

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Public Records Request

California Public Records Act in Govt. Code 6253(c) states, “Each agency, upon a request for a copy of records, shall, within 10 days from receipt of the request, determine whether request, in whole or in part, seeks copies of disclosable public records in the possession of the agency.”

This online Public Records Request System , powered by NextRequest, can be used to search previous request and submit new requests to Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA) Records Management Center. Your request must reasonably describe identifiable records prepared, owned or retained by LACMTA.

You will be responsible for the direct cost of duplication for any documents requested over ten (10) copies as well as shipping charges.  For large records requests, documents will not be copied until 50% of the payment has been received. We will notify you of any special charges or other additional charges authorized by state law or regulation before processing your request. Payment shall be made by cash, check or money order payable to “Metro.”

Records Duplication Cost

Letter Size 8.5″ X 11″.10  Per Copy
11” x 17”.10  Per Copy
Color Copies 8.5” X 11”.50  Per Copy
Color Copies 11” X 17”1.00  Per Copy
Oversize Documents 22 x 34.98  Per Copy
Cassettes Duplication3.00 Per Cassette
Compact Disk5.00 Per Disk

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