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transportation headlines

Transpo tweets, bullet train, A Line: Metro News Now, Nov. 18

Posted by Steve Hymon on
Dept. of Twitter:  Marin NIMBYs: If you put a bike lane on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, no one will use it. Bay Area cyclists: Hold my beer. — Peter Flax ...

Feasibility study completed for Sepulveda Transit Corridor

Posted by Steve Hymon on
The feasibility study for the Sepulveda Transit Corridor project has been completed, looking at the need and possible routes for a rail line or monorail in the heavily trafficked corridor between ...

el Pasajero

El Pasajero ir El Pasajero
go metro

Noticias del 18 de noviembre: A Line, el tren bala en California

Publicado por Maria Luisa Arredondo en
  •El director general ejecutivo de Metro, Phil Washington,  escribió un editorial en el Long Beach Post sobre el proyecto para modernizar la A (Blue) Line y su reciente reapertura. •Buen ...