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Do The Ride Thing - California Rideshare Week - October 3-7 2016

During Rideshare Week you can enter to win prizes from Metro just by registering your rideshare commute at Ridematch.info! Follow the instructions on the homepage, log your commute in the calendar, and you could win. Some of the many prizes include passes to the Aquarium of the Pacific, a Brighton Collectibles handbag, Macy’s gift $50 and $100 gift cards, Metrolink 2 and 4 Pack passes and gas cards from vRide. Just let us know how you rideshare and we’ll put your name in the drawing.

Doing the Ride Thing just one a day a week helps to reduce traffic and pollutants and you can save time and money as you commute to work. Take the bus, train, carpool, vanpool or ride a bike and walk are the many ways to rideshare. Bring your family and friends along to Do the Ride Thing for Rideshare Week and you can enjoy your ride, save time, dramatically cut the number of cars on the road and reduce pollutants.


To promote ridesharing at your worksite Metro is providing promotional items and promotional flyers. Request giveaway items for your employees when hosting an event at your worksite by emailing rideshare@metro.net. Download the promotional flyers at the links below to email employees or post at your worksite. Make sure to encourage your commuters to log their commutes at ridematch.info for a chance to win prizes provided by our sponsors listed below.


To plan your Metro bus or rail commute visit www.metro.net or to find a carpool or vanpool visit www.ridematch.info. For assistance contact rideshare@metro.net make sure to log your commutes at www.Ridematch.info (or download the Pledge Forms in English and Spanish) and thank you for Doing the Ride Thing as you commute.

California Rideshare Week 2016

Thank you to our sponsors for supporting California Rideshare Week 2016 and providing the prizes listed below.

Aquarium of the Pacific Aquarium of the Pacific - 10 free passes
Brighton Collectibles Brighton Collectibles - Leather handbag
Macy's Macy's -$100 and $50 gift cards
Metrolink Metrolink - 4 and 2 pack tickets
Vride logo Vride - $50 gift cards

JW Marriott / LA Live - $100 restaurant gift certificate
Medieval Times - Dinner and tournament tickets
Pacific Park - Family four pack rides and meals
USS Midway Museum - Family four pack


What is rideshare?

Rideshare is the communal use of transportation.

We aim to provide a multi-modal approach to your commute so that you can arrive at your destination efficiently, sustainably, and enjoyably. Everyone shares the ride at one point or another; whether we start a carpool, take the bus, ride bikes with a group, or walk with a friend, we are choosing to share that ride.

There are limitless options when deciding how to get where you are going and often combining several modes is your best option. As we focus our efforts on sharing the ride as opposed to driving alone we can reduce traffic congestion, pollution, and countless hours wasted on freeways. By providing access to transportation as an alternative to ownership we enter the shared economy and begin accomplishing our goals. Through policy, programming, advocacy, and education we can develop our shared mobility resources and change the paradigm for transportation in Los Angeles.

Look through the commuter and employer programs we offer to find services that will make your life easier and your businesses greener.

Why rideshare?

You can save money!

You can keep your kids safer!

Your company can get tax breaks!

Call Us!

Commuters, parents, and employers interested in learning more about rideshare programs that will fit their needs are encouraged to visit ridematch.info, email rideshare@metro.net, or call directly to 213.922.2811.

Your commute is your choice.

Make informed decisions by understanding all of your options. If you would like to cut down on costs, reduce your carbon footprint, get exercise or be more productive, then you should definitely consider ditching your car or inviting a friend to join you.

Save money by changing your transportation choice. Driving alone is the most expensive form of transportation. Gas costs, vehicle maintenance, Express Lane tolls, and outstanding pollution are pulling your pockets and hurting the Earth. Find out how much you are spending before you decide how to fix it.

Carpooling is a cheap and effective travel option. Finding someone who lives near you has never been so easy. Follow the link below to find local SoCal residents looking to share the ride. Users are looking to match whether they want to go to work or the Saturday night concert. Give your wallet a break and leave the parking headache in the past.

Getting to school means millions of extra trips bringing students to and from daily classes. Together we can get your kids to school safely and decongest our roads. There are a lot of alternatives that can make any school into a smooth drop off/pick up system.

Large companies need to comply with certain environmental standards. Sustainable commuting is a core element to the standards that your regulated company will need to meet. Follow the link to see how your employer can save you money and meet its requirements.

Find more ways to move around the city from other programs Metro has to offer!

Metro Rideshare helps you find a better commute.

Employers can offer special programs to their employees and help them get to work faster and happier. In doing so, employers can help themselves by meeting air quality standards, receiving tax deductions, resolving parking issues and having a more satisfied workforce. Metro Rideshare is committed to providing support to employers, large and small, in LA County.

Sustainability programs offer your company support with Air Quality Management District regulations and strategies to become a greener business at absolutely zero cost. We are staffed experts for your assistance in Average Vehicle Ridership reports, rideshare program marketing and implementation, and much more. Learn more from the link below and give us a call.

Incentives provided by Metro Rideshare get your employees to share the ride. Sometimes people need the extra push to change the way they get to work. With Metro Rewards they will receive benefits every time the choose to leave the car at home or let someone else hop in.

The Guaranteed Ride Home Program promises that your employee will never be stranded. Emergencies happen and their carpool might not be there to support them. That is why we completely reimburse any trip that needs to be taken as a result from unforeseen circumstances. Trips be taken with a taxi, Uber, Lyft, and more! See below for details.

Discounted Metro TAP pass is the ultimate perk for your employee is a free or discounted Metro TAP pass. Get serious about public transportation commutes and invest in your employees well being.

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