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Metro Rail Stations

Metro Red Line
The Metro Red Line is the 17.4 mile subway that currently runs from Union Station in downtown Los Angeles to North Hollywood and to sixteen stations.

Metro Purple Line
The Purple Line subway shares six stations with the Metro Red Line Downtown and continues to the Mid-Wilshire area.

Metro Blue Line
The 22-mile Metro Blue Line connects Los Angeles and Long Beach, carrying passengers in light rail trains.

Metro Expo Line
The 8.6 mile Metro Expo Line connects the Westside to Downtown LA with 12 stations; two stations are shared with the Metro Blue Line.

Metro Green Line
Served by light rail trains, the 20-mile Metro Green Line runs between Norwalk and Redondo Beach. It operates in the middle of the I-105 Freeway until Aviation Bl. where the line turns south and continues on its own elevated structure.

Metro Gold Line
The 13.7-mile light rail line operates between downtown Los Angeles and East Pasadena and stop in the communities of Chinatown, Lincoln Heights, Mount Washington, Highland Park, South Pasadena and Pasadena.

Metro Rail System Map