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Metro Policy Advisory Council

Metro Policy Advisory Council

The Metro Policy Advisory Council (PAC) has been established to review, comment and provide input on the draft Measure M Master Guidelines (Guidelines), the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), and possibly other work plans and policy areas that the Metro Board may request.

During the review of the Guidelines, the PAC will meet monthly.  Thereafter, meeting times will be determined by the work plan under review.


April 5, 2017

Metro Policy Advisory Council Members


  • Elderly/Disabled
    Stephanie Ramirez, Associate State Director of Community, AARP
    Richard Hernandez, Systems Change Adv., Disabled Resource Center (alternate)
  • Students
    Mary Gallagher, VP Administrative Services, Los Angeles Community College
    Colin Donahue, VP Administrative Finance, Cal State Northridge (alternate)
  • Enviro/Social Equity - Social Justice
    Jessica Meaney, Executive Director, Investing in Place
    Thomas Yee, Initiative Officer, LA Thrives (alternate)
  • Enviro/Social Equity - Low-Income Communities
    KeAndra Dodds, Senior Program Director, Enterprise Community Partners
    Malcolm Harris, Program & Organizing Director, Trust South LA (alternate)
  • Enviro/Social Equity - Environment
    Bryn Lindblad, Associate Director, Climate Resolve
    Max Podemski, Planning Director, Pacoima Beautiful (alternate)
  • Business
    Hilary Norton, Executive Director, Fixing Angelenos Stuck in Traffic
    Adam Lane, Director Legislative Affairs, Los Angeles Business Council (alternate)
  • Small Business
    William Osgood, TBAC & President, LA Chapter DVBA
    Moises Cisneros, Executive Director, LA Latino Chamber of Commerce (alternate)
  • Labor
    Ron Miller, Executive Secretary, Los Angeles Building Trade
    Rusty Hicks, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, LA Federation of Labor (alternate)
  • Citizens Advisory Council
    Dalila Soleto, President, Metro Citizens Advisory Council


  • Transit Munis
    Art Ida, Director, Culver CityBus
    Ed King, Director, Big Blue Bus (alternate)
  • Caltrans
    Carrie Bowen, Director, District 7
    Gary Slater, Deputy Director, District 7 (alternate)
  • Metrolink
    Elissa Konove, Deputy CEO, Metrolink
    Roderick Diaz, Director, Metrolink (alternate)
  • Access Services
    Andre Colaiace, Executive Director, Access Services
    Hector Rodriguez, Deputy Executive Director, Access Services (alternate)
  • Ports
    Kerry Cartwright, Director, Port of Los Angeles
    Rick Cameron, Managing Director, Port of Long Beach (alternate)
  • Airports
    Frank Miller, Executive Director, Burbank Airport
    Jess Romo, Director, Long Beach Airport (alternate)
  • SCAG
    Hasan Ikhrata, Executive Director, SCAG
    Darin Chidsey, Chief Operating Officer, SCAG (alternate)
  • Auto Club
    Marianne Kim, Senior Public Policy Analyst, Auto Club
    Hamid Bahadori, Manager, Auto Club (alternate)
  • Bicycle/Pedestrian
    Tamika Butler, Executive Director, LA County Bicycle Coalition
    Romel Pascual, Executive Director, CicLAvia (alternate)


  • County of Los Angeles
    Mark Pestrella, Director, Public Works
    Angela George, Assistant Director, Public Works (alternate)
  • City of Los Angeles
    Seleta Reynolds, General Manager, LADOT
    Bridget Smith, Assistant General Manager, LADOT (alternate)
  • San Gabriel Council of Governments
    Mark Christoffells, CEO, Alameda Corridor East
    Marisa Creter, Assistant Executive Director (alternate)
  • San Fernando Valley Council of Governments
    John Bwarie, Executive Director
  • Gateway Council of Governments
    Yvette Kirrin, Council of Governments Engineer
    Craig Beck, Director Public Works, Long Beach (alternate)
  • South Bay Council of Governments
    Jacki Bacharach, Executive Director
    Steve Lantz, Transportation Director (alternate)
  • North County Council of Governments
    Michael Behen, Special Project Manager, Palmdale
    Trolis Niebla, City Engineer, Lancaster (alternate)
  • Westside Cities Council of Governments
    Cecilia Estolano, Executive Director
    Joanna Hankamer, Senior Planner, Special and Capital Projects, West Hollywood (alternate)
  • Las Virgenes/Malibu Council of Governments
    Terry Dipple, Executive Director
    Jessica Arden, Deputy City Engineer, Westlake Village (alternate)
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