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Parking Guidance System Installation

Metro is installing a new parking guidance system, which will provide real-time parking availability information to help riders find parking faster and reduce congestion. During the installation dates listed below, parking availability will be impacted. Please use the schedule information below to plan ahead. For questions or concerns, please email or call 323.GO.METRO (323.466.3876).

APU/Citrus Station:

Limited parking availability: January 6 – January 13, 2017

Additional parking is available at:

  • Irwindale Station
    15998 Avenida Padilla
    Irwindale, CA 91706

  • Monrovia Station
    1641 S. Primrose Av
    Monrovia, CA 91016

Fillmore Station

Limited parking availability: January 16 – January 22 2017

Additional parking is available at:

  • Del Mar Station
    202 S Raymond Av
    Pasadena, CA 91105

  • Sierra Madre Villa Station
    149 N Halstead St
    Pasadena, CA 91107

Culver City Station -- Parking Lot Closure

The Culver City Station parking lot will close on February 14, 2017, to make way for Culver City’s new Ivy Station transit-oriented development.

Parking will be available at:

  • Ince Parking Garage
    9099 Washington Bl
    $3/day with valid TAP card

  • Expo/Sepulveda Station
    11295 Exposition Bl
    $3/day with valid TAP card
    Monthly permits are available for this station at 
  • La Cienega/Jefferson Station
    5664 W Jefferson Bl
    $3/day with valid TAP card
    Monthly permits are available for this station at
  • Expo/Bundy Station
    12201 Exposition Bl
    $3/day with valid TAP card

Monthly permits are available for this station at

Upon completion of Ivy Station, parking will again be available for transit riders at Culver City Station. 

Park & Ride lots are everywhere

Whether you’re catching a bus or train, or meeting a carpool or vanpool, Park & Ride lots can make your commute easier. Metro offers more than 150 convenient Park & Ride locations county-wide. 

Metro Park & Ride lots by line

Free or Paid

Metro’s Park & Ride lots include both free and paid reserved spaces.

Free spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis for transit users.

Reserved paid parking is available at 11 Metro Park & Ride locations. Paying for parking secures you an assigned space until 10:30am. After 11am all spaces become available to transit patrons.

Reserved paid parking is available at the following stations:

Sign up for your monthly parking permit here! The Preferred Parking Program allows riders to park in their designated parking area.

These spaces are reserved for permit holders Monday – Friday from 4am – 10am. Spaces will be opened to the public after 10am.

Preferred parking stations include: 

Blue Line

Del Amo

Red Line

Universal City
North Hollywood

Gold Line

Heritage Square
Sierra Madre Villa

Orange Line


If you are not ready for a full month of parking or you use multiple parking facilities, you can register for a daily permit. Visit, print out your parking pass, and then call 213.228.3483 once you arrive at the parking facility. 

Please use the following lot numbers when calling in for your daily parking permit. 

Florence 10
Artesia 11
Del Amo 12
Wardlow 13
Universal City 14
North Hollywood 15
Atlantic 16
Indiana 17
Heritage Square 19
Lake 20
Sierra Madre 21
Balboa 22
Expo/Bundy 27
Expo/Sepulveda 28 

The Metro Board-approved parking ordinance became effective November 1, 2015. Aparcamiento Ordenanza

Chapter 8-01 General

Accordion Arrow8-01-010 Authority to Regulate

Accordion Arrow8-01-020 Laws and Enforcement on the METRO Property

Accordion Arrow8-01-030 Responsibility for Compliance

Accordion Arrow8-01-040 Fees to be Paid for Parking in METRO Parking Facilities

Accordion Arrow8-01-050 Parking Facility Use, Designation, and Closure

Accordion Arrow8-01-060 Liability

Accordion Arrow8-01-070 Parking Policy and Regulation Notification or Changes

Accordion Arrow8-01-080 Administrative Review of Parking Citation Issuance

Accordion Arrow8-01-090 Towing Vehicles

Chapter 8-03 Parking Definitions

Accordion ArrowChapter 8-03-010 Definitions

Chapter 8–05 Parking Regulations

Accordion Arrow8-05-010 Parking Activities

Accordion Arrow8-05-020 Enforcement Practice

Accordion Arrow8-05-030 Illegal Parking Outside of a Defined Parking Space or Parking Space Markings

Accordion Arrow8-05-040 Failure to Obey Signs

Accordion Arrow8-05-050 Exceeding Posted Time Limit

Accordion Arrow8-05-060 Temporary No Parking

Accordion Arrow8-05-070 Restricted Parking

Accordion Arrow8-05-080 Parking Within Marked Bicycle Lane

Accordion Arrow8-05-090 Illegal Parking in Loading Zone

Accordion Arrow8-05-100 Vehicle Exceeds Load Size Limit

Accordion Arrow8-05-110 Disconnected Trailer

Accordion Arrow8-05-120 Bus Loading Zones

Accordion Arrow8-05-130 Illegal Parking in Kiss and Ride Spaces and Passenger Loading Zone

Accordion Arrow8-05-140 No Parking – Alley

Accordion Arrow8-05-150 Illegal Parking in Red Zones

Accordion Arrow8-05-160 Vehicle Parked Seventy-Two (72) or More Hours

Accordion Arrow8-05-170 Parking on Grades

Accordion Arrow8-05-180 Angled Parking

Accordion Arrow8-05-190 Double Parking

Accordion Arrow8-05-200 No Parking Anytime/Posted Hours

Accordion Arrow8-05-210 Wrong Side Two Way Traffic or Roadway

Accordion Arrow8-05-220 Blocking Street or Access

Accordion Arrow8-05-230 Parking Special Hazard

Accordion Arrow8-05-240 Illegal Parking at Fire Hydrant

Accordion Arrow8-05-250 Illegal Parking at Assigned / Reserved Spaces

Accordion Arrow8-05-260 Illegal Parking at Taxicab Stands

Accordion Arrow8-05-270 Illegal Parking at/ adjacent to a Landscape Island or Planter

Accordion Arrow8-05-280 Transient, Daily or Preferred Monthly Parking Permits

Accordion Arrow8-05-290 Posting Signs in Preferred Permit Parking Area

Accordion Arrow8-05-300 Exemption of Certain Vehicles to Permit Restrictions

Accordion Arrow8-05-310 Permit Penalty Provisions

Accordion Arrow8-05-320 Expired Meter or Pay Station

Accordion Arrow8-05-330 Parking Facilities Cleaning, Maintenance and Capital Projects

Accordion Arrow8-05-340 Electric Vehicle Parking Spaces

Accordion Arrow8-05-350 Parking on Sidewalk/ Parkway

Accordion Arrow8-05-360 Areas Adjacent to Schools

Accordion Arrow8-05-370 Peak Hour Traffic Zones

Accordion Arrow8-05-380 Parking Prohibition for Vehicles Over Six Feet High, Near Intersections

Accordion Arrow8-05-390 Interim Parking Regulations

Accordion Arrow8-05-400 Car Share or Vanpool Authorization Required

Accordion Arrow8-05-410 Speed Limit

Accordion Arrow8-05-420 Motor Vehicle Access

Accordion Arrow8-05-430 Penalty for Non-Compliance

Accordion Arrow8-05-440 Accessible Parking Spaces Designated for Vehicle Operators with Disabilities

Chapter 8-07 Vehicles Other Than Automobiles

Accordion Arrow8-07-010 Authority to Create Vehicle Regulations

Accordion Arrow8-07-020 Enforcement

Accordion Arrow8-07-030 Parking Bicycles at METRO Facilities

Accordion Arrow8-07-040 Parking of Motorized Bicycles, Motorcycles and Mopeds

Chapter 8-09 Parking Citations

Accordion Arrow8-09-010 Authority to Contract with Outside Agencies

Accordion Arrow8-09-020 Appeal Review Process

Accordion Arrow8-09-030 Procedures of Parking Citations Issuance

Accordion Arrow8-09-040 Parking Administrative Penalties

Accordion Arrow8-09-050 Parking Penalties Received by Date Fixed – No Contest / Request to Contest

Accordion Arrow8-09-060 Parking Penalties Not Received by Date Fixed

Accordion Arrow8-09-070 Notice of Delinquent Parking Violation – Contents

Accordion Arrow8-09-080 Copy of Citation upon Request of Registered Owner

Accordion Arrow8-09-090 Affidavit of Non-liability – Leased or Rented Vehicle

Accordion Arrow8-09-100 Affidavit of Non-liability – Sale

Accordion Arrow8-09-110 Collection of Unpaid Parking Penalties

Accordion Arrow8-09-120 Obligation of Agency Once Parking Penalty Paid

Accordion Arrow8-09-130 Deposit of Parking Penalties with METRO

Accordion Arrow8-09-140 Bailment Schedule

Chapter 8-11 Removal of Vehicles

Accordion Arrow8-11-010 Towing and Impounding Vehicles

Accordion Arrow8-11-020 Poststorage Hearing

The Metro Board-approved parking ordinance became effective November 1, 2015. 

Attachment E


WHEREAS, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) operates parking facilities throughout the Los Angeles County in the City of Los Angeles, Pasadena, Long Beach, North Hollywood, Culver City, Norwalk, Downey, Lynwood, Hawthorne, Inglewood, El Segundo, Redondo Beach, Compton, El Monte and Gardena. At Metro Blue Line Stations at: Florence, Willowbrook, Artesia, Del Amo Willow and Wardlow Stations. Metro Gold Line Stations at: Atlantic, Indiana, Heritage, Lincoln Heights, Lake, Sierra Madre, Arcadia, Monrovia, Duarte/City of Hope, Irwindale, Azusa Downtown and APU/Citrus. Metro Red Line Stations at: Universal, North Hollywood and MacArthur Park.  Metro Expo Line Stations at Expo/Crenshaw, La Cienega/Jefferson and Culver City, Expo/Sepulveda, Expo/Bundy and 17th Street/SMC. Metro Orange Line Stations at: Van Nuys, Sepulveda, Balboa, Reseda, Pierce College, Canoga, Sherman Way and Chatsworth Stations. Metro Silver Line Stations at: Slauson, Manchester, Rosecrans, Harbor Freeway, Harbor Gateway Transit Center and El Monte. Metro also operates the parking at Los Angeles Union Station.

WHEREAS, Metro has designated preferred parking zones throughout its parking facilities with parking restrictions to manage parking availability to patrons; and

WHEREAS, the Metro Board of Directors is authorized to set parking rates and permit fees, by resolution, at Metro owned, leased, operated, contracted and managed parking facilities and preferred parking zones; and

WHEREAS, the METRO Chief Executive Officer or its designee is hereby authorized to establish rate adjustments for special event parking or other special circumstances that increase parking demand. The METRO CEO is also authorized to establish parking rates at additional and new rail line extension parking facilities not included in the current fee resolution. Parking rates at these additional parking facilities will be established within the current fee structure and range and based on the demographic location of the facility; and

WHEREAS, adopting the parking rates and permit fees as a means of regulating the use of all Metro parking facilities and resources will distribute the parking load more evenly between transit patrons and non-transit users, and maximize the utility and use of Metro operated parking facilities and resources, enhance transit ridership and customer service experience, thereby making parking easier, reducing traffic hazards and congestion, and promoting the public convenience, safety, and welfare;


Accordion ArrowSection 1

Accordion ArrowSection 2

Accordion ArrowSection 3

Accordion ArrowSection 4

Accordion ArrowSection 5

Accordion ArrowSection 6

Accordion ArrowSection 7

Accordion ArrowSection 8

Accordion ArrowSection 9

Accordion ArrowSection 10

Accordion ArrowSection 11

Accordion ArrowSection 12

Accordion ArrowSection 13

Accordion ArrowSection 14

Accordion ArrowSection 15

Accordion ArrowSection 16

Accordion ArrowSection 17

Accordion ArrowSection 18

Accordion ArrowSection 19

Accordion ArrowSection 20

Accordion ArrowSection 21

Accordion ArrowSection 22

Accordion ArrowSection 23

Accordion ArrowSection 24

Accordion ArrowSection 25

Accordion ArrowSection 26

Accordion ArrowSection 27

Accordion ArrowSection 28

Accordion ArrowSection 29

Accordion ArrowSection 30

Accordion ArrowSection 31

Accordion ArrowSection 32

Accordion ArrowSection 33

Accordion ArrowSection 34

Accordion ArrowSection 35

Accordion ArrowSection 36

Accordion ArrowSection 37

Accordion ArrowSection 38

Accordion ArrowSection 39

Accordion ArrowSection 40

Accordion ArrowSection 41

Accordion ArrowSection 42

Accordion ArrowSection 43

Accordion ArrowSection 44

Accordion ArrowSection 45

Accordion ArrowSection 46

Accordion ArrowSection 47

Accordion ArrowSection 48

Accordion ArrowSection 49

Accordion ArrowSection 50

Accordion ArrowSection 51

Accordion ArrowSection 52

Accordion ArrowSection 53

Accordion ArrowSection 54

Accordion ArrowSection 55

Accordion ArrowSection 56

Accordion ArrowSection 57

Accordion ArrowSection 58

Accordion ArrowSection 59

Accordion ArrowSection 60

Accordion ArrowSection 61

Accordion ArrowSection 62

Accordion ArrowSection 63

Accordion ArrowSection 64

Accordion ArrowSection 65

Accordion ArrowSection 66


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