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Think global. Go Local. Go Metro.

Explore new ways to save money, save time and be good to the planet.

Every time you ride a Metro bus and rail line, you are helping curb air
pollution and global warming.

So think global, go local – Metro Local – and make a difference.

Go Metro to All Your Favorite Hangouts

Let Metro help you get around town! Our guides contain map, bus
and rail information, plus local attractions near your college
or university.

Click on a link to the right to view more information on all Metro bus and rail lines for your campus.

You may qualify for a Reduced Fare TAP card!

Apply today for the College/Vocational Reduced Fare TAP card. Eligible applicants will receive a special TAP card and qualify for reduced-rate monthly passes. Proof of enrollment in 12 units or more is required.

U-Pass Pilot Program

Metro is launching a new Universal College Student Transit Pass (U-Pass) Pilot Program. Upon board approval of the program, the pilot will begin in fall 2016. Some key changes in the new program include:

  • Sign up online through college website or in person on campus
  • Fee to participate paid to college instead of to Metro
  • Computer chip sticker placed directly on school ID instead of requiring separate photo TAP card
  • Pass is valid for whole semester, including breaks
  • Lower units requirement to allow more part-time students to participate

Additional information on the U-Pass Pilot Program:

If your school is interested in participating, click here to schedule a meeting with Metro staff.

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