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Freeway Service Patrol

The Metro Freeway Service Patrol (FSP) is a congestion mitigation program managed in partnership with Metro, CHP and Caltrans on all major freeways in LA County, and is the largest of its kind in the nation performing approximately 25,000 assists each month. The program utilizes a fleet of roving tow and service trucks designed to reduce traffic congestion by efficiently getting disabled vehicles running again, or by quickly towing those vehicles off of the freeway to a designated safe location. Quickly removing motorists and their disabled vehicles from the freeway reduces the chances of further incidents caused by onlookers and impatient drivers. In addition, FSP helps save fuel and reduce air polluting emissions by reducing stop-and-go traffic.

The service is absolutely FREE to motorists. Simply call 511 and say “Motorist Aid” from your phone or call from a freeway callbox. The services include the following:

  • Changing flat tires
  • Jump-starting cars
  • Refilling radiators and taping leaky hoses
  • Providing up to a gallon of fuel
  • Towing disabled vehicles to designated safe locations off the freeway

Hours of Operation

FSP Service
Monday - Friday
6am to 7pm
10am to 6:30pm

Expresslanes Service
I-110 & I-10
4am to 8pm
10am to 7pm

Big Rig Service
I-710 & 91
5am to 7pm

2018 FSP Service Level Holidays (3pm – 7pm)

Date Holiday
Jan. 15 Martin Luther King Jr
Feb 19 President’s Day
May 28 Memorial Day
Sept 3 Labor Day
Nov 12 Veterans Day Observed

2018 FSP No Service Holidays

Date Holiday
Jul 4 Independence Day
Nov 22 Thanksgiving Day
Nov 23 Day After Thanksgiving
Dec 25 – Jan 1 Winter Holiday Break

Frequently Asked Questions

What free services are provided by FSP?

  • Changing flat tires with the motorist’s spare tire
  • Jump-starting dead batteries
  • Refilling radiators and temporarily repair leaking hoses
  • Providing up to a gallon of fuel

How do I get service?

If your vehicle becomes disabled on the freeway and it is an emergency, dial 911. If you require non-emergency vehicle assistance, dial 511 and say “Motorist Aid.” If you do not have your cell phone, you can use the freeway call box. During FSP service hours, your request for non-emergency vehicle assistance will be forwarded to FSP, and a truck will be instructed to assist when it is available. Otherwise, the FSP vehicles are continuously roving the freeways during the designated service hours, and in many cases, may find you before you can call for assistance.

Will it cost me anything?

The service is absolutely FREE at the time of service. The program is funded by Metro and Caltrans utilizing state and local tax dollars.

Which freeways do Metro FSP patrol?

Check the map for FSP coverage.

Can the FSP driver tow my vehicle home, to my workplace or to a private facility?

The FSP driver will only tow vehicles, at no charge, to a safe, pre-determined location designated by CHP. FSP drivers are not permitted to tow vehicles to a private repair facility or home, and cannot recommend service companies or repair facilities.

Can I tip the driver?

Our FSP drivers are not permitted to accept tips. However, you may rate us on our Yelp!

How do I become an FSP Driver?

Metro FSP is provided by private tow service contractors. View our current list of FSP contractors .

How do I become an FSP Contractor?

You may contact our Procurement Department for more information.

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