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What Can I Bring On Board?


Strollers are welcome on Metro bus and rail. On rail, look for the decal on the outside of the car denoting the designated space for passengers with strollers. Note that there may not always be room on board to accommodate a stroller. Riders should always give priority seating to seniors and persons with disabilities.

Luggage and other large items

Luggage and other large items have a designated space on Metro Rail. The space is usually located at the end of rail cards and is marked with a yellow decal.

Mobility Devices

Metro buses can accommodate all types of wheelchairs, including three-wheel scooter-chairs, power chairs and small four-wheel chairs. The general requirement is that the mobility device must fit on the ramp and be able to maneuver to the wheelchair securement area.

All Metro Rail lines are accessible to persons in wheelchairs. Every station has either a walkway/ramp or elevator from the street to the platform. In the event of an elevator outage at your station, you may take a bus to the next station for free.

Learn more about Metro Accessibility for riders with disabilities here .


Bikes can always be brought onto Metro buses and train if space is available. Tandem, 3-wheeled or fuel powered bikes are not allowed. Learn more about bringing your bike on Metro here .


There is no eating or drinking allowed on platforms, trains and buses. Smoking is not allowed within 20 feet of any Metro facility entrance, exit or operable window.


Pets and emotional support, therapy, comfort, and companion animals are welcome aboard Metro when they:

  • Are secured in enclosed carriers and do not block the aisle or a doorway
  • Do not deprive a customer of a seat
  • Do not interfere with the comfort or convenience of other customers