Active Transportation

Everyone uses active transportation at some point in a trip, whether it’s walking, bicycling or rolling. Metro is committed to encouraging these human-powered methods of travel to and from rail and bus stations.

What are the benefits of active transportation?

Active transportation enhances the quality of life for those who live, work and play in LA County. By creating safe places to walk, bike or travel by other human-powered means, we can provide residents with more travel choices and improved access to transit. 

Walking, bicycling and rolling offer many benefits that are both good for the environment and a healthy lifestyle. With active transportation options, we can reduce transportation costs, support the local economy, decrease greenhouse gas emissions and traffic congestion, and improve public health by providing more opportunities for physical activity.

How is Metro supporting active transportation?

Metro is constantly working to deliver a regional system that provides more travel options while improving air quality, health and safety, and quality of life for LA County residents. We’re participating and leading a number of projects and programs to advance active transportation throughout the county. Our roles include funding designation, policy and regional leadership, transit network planning and access improvements, and education and promotion. For more details, please see our Active Transportation Strategic Plan, which we are in the process of updating

By developing a regional network for people who choose to take transit and walk, bike or use other human-powered means, we can foster healthy, equitable and economically vibrant communities where all residents have greater transportation choices and access to key destinations, such as jobs, medical facilities, schools and recreation. 

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