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How to Pay

Go Metro with TAP

All Metro passes and Stored Value are sold on TAP, a durable plastic card you can use again and again. It’s eco-friendly, because using TAP eliminates tons of disposable paper passes and stamps.

Each TAP card has an electronic chip inside; just load the type of pass and Stored Value you want on your card, and the chip remembers it. Then you simply tap your card each time you board, and the bus farebox or rail validator looks for the valid pass first. If no valid pass is found it will deduct from your Stored Value.

See the TAP User Guide at right.

How to TAP

On Metro buses: Upon boarding, communicate with bus operator if you have insufficient Stored Value, a pass for fare, require an upcharge, or need assistance.
Otherwise, simply tap your card on the farebox’s TAP target.  A “beep” and message will show the bus operator your card is valid.  Remember, you must tap your card each time you board; you may not simply show it to the operator.

On Metro Rail trains and the Metro Orange Line: Locate the station validator or turnstile as you approach the platform and tap your card on the TAP target. Remember, you must tap your card before boarding; it is not valid unless you do.

Turnstiles are located at some Metro Rail stations. At these stations, tap the validator on the right side of the turnstile before you pass through.

If your trip requires more than one train (i.e., changing from the Red Line to the Blue Line), you must tap the validator again at the station where you change trains. Always have your TAP card handy as fare enforcement officers with handheld validators may ask to verify that you have tapped.

Failure to load valid fare on your card or tap the farebox or validator before boarding could result in a $250 fine.

For additional information, check the links to the right, or call 866.TAPTOGO (866.827.8646).

Note : TAP cards are $2 at TVMs, aboard buses and at over 400 vendor locations and must be sold with a pass.

Transit Agencies that use TAP

To ride from one transit carrier to another, we recommend loading Stored Value. TAP cards loaded with Stored Value can be used on any of the systems below. Make sure to TAP your card each time you board and the correct fare amount for each transit carrier will be automatically deducted from the Stored Value loaded on your TAP card. Loading a Metro Pass is only valid on Metro bus and rail.