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Metro is evaluating a potential new transit system connecting southeast Los Angeles County to downtown Los Angeles via the abandoned Pacific Electric Right-of-Way/West Santa Ana Branch Corridor (PEROW/WSAB), and a combination of local streets and private and Metro owned rail ROW. The study area stretches approximately 12-miles from Union Station to the PEROW/WSAB in the City of Paramount and 8-miles south along the PEROW/WSAB to the City of Artesia.

The WSAB Transit Corridor is one of twelve (12) projects funded by Measure R, a one-half cent sales tax approved by Los Angeles County voters in November 2008. The project is contained in Metro’s 2009 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) with a projected revenue service date of 2027. $240 million in Measure R funds is allocated for this project.

Alternatives Analysis (AA) – Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG)

In February 2013 SCAG completed an AA Study that analyzed opportunities for connecting Los Angeles and Orange Counties along a 34-mile long study area from Union Station to the City of Santa Ana. In addition to a No Build and Transportation Systems Management (TSM) alternative, the AA evaluated six build alternatives along various alignments: Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), Street Car, Light Rail Transit (LRT), Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU), High Speed Rail, and Magnetic Levitation Train. SCAG recommended that further study be conducted on the following alternatives:

  • No Build
  • TSM
  • LRT along two alignments (West Bank Option 3 and East Bank)

Technical Refinement Study – Metro

Metro recently completed a Technical Refinement Study that built upon the analysis from the SCAG AA, focusing on the Los Angeles County segment of the PEROW/WSAB corridor. The Technical Refinement Study provided updated capital cost and ridership forecasts, as well as additional analysis on specific challenges identified in the SCAG AA, including:

  • Feasibility of Union Station as a northern terminus, and identification of potential station platform locations
  • Alignment alternative refinement and southern terminus station analysis
  • Construction of a new station on the Metro Green Line

There are no West Santa Ana Transit Corridor meetings scheduled at this time. Please check back for updates.

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