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Orange Line Improvements

The Metro Orange Line (MOL) Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Improvements Project seeks to provide safe and cost-effective strategies to improve operating speeds, capacity and safety, while addressing passenger needs and minimizing disruption to the San Fernando Valley residents.

Metro has completed a technical study which recommended improvements that will enhance the BRT Line’s speed, safety, reliability and ridership. The proposed improvements that were evaluated include grade separations on major streets, minor street closures, better signal priority technology, electronic bus connectivity and a four-quadrant gating system. Coordination with the City of Los Angeles is underway in implementing a pilot installation of railroad gates at a non-public, traffic signal-controlled intersection on the MOL to test and verify the reliable activation and proper operation of gates for BRT application. In conjunction with the pilot gates, a traffic impact analysis is being conducted with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) to evaluate potential impacts of gating on traffic in the MOL corridor and to ensure that the proposed gating system achieves the stated project goals while minimizing delays for Valley vehicle traffic. The proposed gating-system will reduce or eliminate incidents between vehicles and MOL buses, as well as increase the speeds of buses along the corridor and reduce travel times for riders.


Funding from Measure M and the recently awarded grant from the SB-1 Local Partnership Program provides up to $320 million to further improve this 18-mile Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Corridor in the San Fernando Valley.

Metro Orange Line Map

We’re making improvements to bus service in Warner Center .

Starting June 24, 2018, Canoga and Chatsworth stations will serve as endpoints on the Orange Line and will make way for the new Warner Center Shuttle.

The Warner Center Shuttle will serve 10 new stops in and around Warner Center seven days a week, every 10 minutes during most times of the day. Explore restaurants and shopping, hit the gym before or after work, or check a few items off your to-do list, all without the hassles of driving and parking.

Customers can view the details and a map of our shiny new Shuttle service as well.

There are no upcoming meetings at this time.

Spring 2019 Update

Metro hosted an open house with updates to the Orange Line Improvements.

Spring 2018 Update

Metro hosted an open house with updates on the many projects in the San Fernando Valley, including improvements coming to the Orange Line.

Fall 2017 Update

Metro hosted open house meetings in November/December, 2017 to provide opportunities to learn about the project and hear public feedback. Below is information shared at those open house meetings:

For those unable to attend a meeting, comments will be accepted continuously via mail, email, project hotline and the online comment form :

Fulgene Asuncion
One Gateway Plaza
Mail Stop 99-22-4
Los Angeles, CA 90012



Service Alerts for Orange Line as of June 28, 2018

  • Metro Orange Line: the Orange Line branch terminating at Warner Center Station will now end at Canoga Station. Take 601 Warner Center Shuttle for service to Warner Center Station.
  • Warner Center Shuttle - Line 601 - Shuttle service operating from the Canoga Orange Line replaced the single Orange Line stop at Warner Center Station. Canoga Station, Platform # 4: Metro Lines 161, 601 Warner Center Shuttle & 750.
  • Line 150 - will remain on Topanga Canyon Bl from Ventura Bl to Sherman Way in both directions.
  • Line 161 - providing two-way service on Canoga Av from Ventura Bl to the Canoga Orange Line Station. Canoga Station, Platform # 4: Metro Lines 161, 601 Warner Center Shuttle & 750.
  • Line 164 - will remain on Victory Bl between Topanga Canyon and Owensmouth Av in both directions, and maintain a direct connection with the Orange Line at De Soto Av and Victory Bl.
  • Line 169 - Service will be extended north to Canoga Orange Line Station, continuing on Topanga Canyon, east on Victory Bl and north on Canoga Av to the station. The eastbound route will operate over the same streets. Canoga Station, Platform # 3: Metro Line 169, Orange Line discharge only.
  • Line 750 - The route will be extended further north to Canoga Station via Owensmouth Av, east on Victory Bl and north on Canoga Av to the Orange Line Station. The eastbound route will operate over the same streets. Canoga Station, Platform # 4: Metro Lines 161, 601 Warner Center Shuttle & 750.

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