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Eastside Transit Corridor Phase 2

In the spring of 2010, Metro began preparing the Eastside Transit Corridor Phase 2 Project Draft Environmental Impact Study/Environmental Impact Report (EIS/EIR ). The Draft EIS/EIR studied two build alternatives, both Light Rail Transit (LRT) projects, to extend the current Metro Gold Line east from its current terminus at Atlantic Bl in East Los Angeles, along with the required No Build and Transportation System Management (TSM) alternatives (which may include enhancements to existing services and/or additional bus services). One proposed route would travel along State Route 60 to Peck Rd in the City of South El Monte; the other proposed route would travel along Washington Bl to Lambert Rd in the City of Whittier.

The goal of the proposed study is to improve mobility in the region by connecting to communities farther east of Los Angeles to Metro's regional transit system. Communities in the project area include Commerce, East Los Angeles, Montebello, Monterey Park, Pico Rivera, Rosemead, Santa Fe Springs, South El Monte and Whittier. The Draft EIS/EIR for the Eastside Transit Corridor Phase 2 was released on August 22, 2014 and made available for public comment for 60 days, ending on October 21, 2014.

At the conclusion of the public comment period, Metro staff reviewed all public comments, including submissions by cities, agencies, coalitions and others, and submitted a staff recommendation to Metro’s Planning & Programming Committee and the Board of Directors in November, 2014. Staff recommended moving forward with a Technical Study to further refine the two alternatives – neither of the two alternatives was removed from consideration. The staff recommendation was approved unanimously by the committee and full Metro Board. The Metro staff report and recommendation can be viewed here.

At the November 2014 Metro Board Meeting, Metro staff received direction to:

  • Continue to study both alternatives and explore the option of operating both.
  • Follow-up on comments received from partner agencies to evaluate and address concerns raised regarding the SR 60 alignment.
  • Eliminate the aerial section on Garfield Av and develop a new north-south connection to Washington Bl.
  • Prepare a cost containment plan.

A motion was also introduced by Board Members Diane DuBois and Don Knabe directing staff to study potential connections with the West Santa Ana Branch Corridor project, which seeks to build a transit project between downtown Los Angeles and Santa Ana via an old streetcar right-of-way. That motion was also approved by the Board.

Ongoing Technical Studies

A summary of the technical investigations, coordination and outreach, and findings from the Technical Study can be found here.

Metro is currently studying Light Rail Transit (LRT) alternatives to extend the Metro Gold Line Eastside Extension (MGLEE) farther from the current terminus at Pomona Bl and Atlantic Bl in East Los Angeles.

In November 2014, in response to the Metro Board of Directors, Metro staff was directed to complete a Technical Study to refine the alternatives analyzed in the Draft EIS/EIR .

Since then, Metro staff has initiated the Technical Study and is exploring refinements to the SR 60 Alternative and options for a new north-south connection to the Washington Bl Alternative. Following are the updated Alternatives for the Eastside Transit Corridor Phase 2 Study:

Refined Alternatives

SR-60 North Side Design Variation (NSDV) LRT

This proposed alignment generally follows the southern edge of the SR-60 Freeway within the freeway right-of-way, on an elevated track crossing over freeway ramps.  The alignment transitions to the north side of the SR-60 freeway west of the Greenwood Av bridge and returns south just west of Paramount and terminates at Peck Rd in the City of South El Monte. Proposed station locations for the SR-60 alignment are:

  • Garfield Av Station
  • The Shops at Montebello station
  • Santa Anita Av Station
  • Peck Rd Station

For the SR 60 Alternative, the focus is to address comments received from partner agencies and further investigate issues to be resolved in securing regulatory approval.

Washington Bl LRT

The alignment, as proposed in the Draft EIS/EIR for the Washington Bl Alternative, follows the SR-60 Freeway to an aerial structure on Garfield Av and then onto Washington Bl,  ending at Lambert Rd in the City of Whittier. However, to address public concerns, the Metro Board of Directors eliminated the aerial segment on Garfield Av between Via Campo and Whittier Bl and directed staff to identify a new north-south connection to Washington Bl.

Potential route concepts include:

1) Underground alignment along a portion of Garfield Av

2) Atlantic Bl in East Los Angeles from Atlantic/Pomona south to Washington Bl*

3) Arizona Av in East Los Angeles from 3rd St south to Washington Bl*

*Profile has not been determined (Metro is exploring aerial, street level and underground options).

Stations proposed for the Garfield Bl underground concept include:

  • Garfield/Pomona Av
  • Garfield/Whittier Bl
  • Washington Bl/Greenwood Av
  • Washington Bl/Rosemead Bl
  • Washington Bl/Norwalk Av
  • Washington Bl/Lambert Rd

As part of the refinements to the Washington Bl Alternative, staff is exploring the following new stations for the new north-south routing concepts along Arizona Av and Altantic Bl corridors:

Arizona Av:

  • Arizona Av/Whittier Bl
  • Commerce (near The Citadel)

Atlantic Bl:

  • Atlantic Bl/Whittier Bl
  • Commerce (near The Citadel)

Washington Bl LRT, Design Variations

Two design variations are being considered for the Washington Bl LRT Alternative. The first aerial crossing would include a grade separation at Rosemead Bl, the second aerial crossing at San Gabriel River/I-605 would include a grade separation at Pioneer Bl.

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