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Arts District / 6th Street Station

The Arts District/6th St Station is a proposed new heavy rail station near 6 th Street that would serve the Arts District and surrounding neighborhoods. Metro’s rail service aims to serve high-density areas where a significant amount of riders will use the service. The Arts District is a transit-oriented community with a rapidly growing population and strong desire for transit service.

With funding support from the City of Los Angeles, Metro will , prepare an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and conduct public outreach for the EIR. Funding for construction has not been identified for this potential project.

Completing this study does not commit Metro to funding and constructing the potential 6 th St/Arts District Station and extending heavy rail transit to it.


In January 2017, the Metro Board of Directors passed a motion (Item #41) directing staff to “initiate a Holistic Assessment of Metro’s long-term needs at Division 20 and accommodation of future Arts District station access”. In May 2017, this Assessment was presented to the Metro Board, including a  recommended location for a potential new heavy rail station serving the Arts District located at 6 th Street.

In June 2018, the Metro Board of Directors approved Metro to enter into a funding agreement with the City of Los Angeles to financially support pre-design, public outreach, and the EIR for the Arts District/6th St Station.

The environmental review process and community engagement per the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) will start in Winter 2020. Metro anticipates completing the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) in late 2021.

There is currently no funding identified to construct this potential project.

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