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Taking Bikes on Metro Buses

All Metro buses have two bike racks on the front, except for Orange Line buses, which have three bike racks.  Always approach the bus from the sidewalk, watch your bike while on the bus, and let the driver know at your stop that you will be getting your bike. Watch a video with security tips for taking bikes on Metro buses.

Rules for Bikes on Metro Buses

  • Arrive at the stop a few minutes early and wait on the sidewalk.
  • Remove all loose items not attached to your bike (i.e. bags on handle bars, helmets, lights, etc.) and take them with you onto the bus.
  • Locking your bike to the bus rack is not allowed. For extra security, lock your wheel to the frame before the bus arrives.
  • Wait for the next bus if the rack is full.
  • You are responsible for loading and unloading your bicycle. Wait until bus is fully stopped before loading your bike. Always approach the bus from the sidewalk.
  • Sit or stand near the front of the bus to watch your bicycle during your trip.
  • Just before your stop, tell the bus operator that you will be getting your bike from the rack and exit through the front door.
  • Never try to retrieve something that rolls under the bus.
  • Use elevators or stairs at transit centers and bus facilities. Bikes are not allowed on escalators.
  • Folding bikes with 20 inch or smaller wheels can be taken on board. Make sure your bike is folded and stored under a rear seat so as not to block aisles and doorways. Motorized folding bikes are not allowed.
  • Motorized bicycles or any bicycle over 55 pounds cannot be accommodated on Metro bus bike racks.

Taking Bikes on Metro Rail

Bikes are permitted on Metro Rail trains at all times. If train is full, please wait for the next train. Enter at doors marked with this symbol:

On Red/Purple Lines

Look for the designated open area to accommodate bikes and other large items at the end of the car.

On Green and Gold Lines

Please stand with your bike in the designated area marked with the symbol above.

On Blue and Expo Lines

Please stand with your bike in an available area at either end of the rail car. Exception: Bikes are not permitted in front of the operator's door in the lead car.

Rules for Bikes on Metro Rail

  • Follow ADA-accessible routes to find elevators and wider, wheelchair-accessible gates, to safely bring your bike in and out of stations.
  • Always walk your bike through stations and on train platforms.
  • Wait for the next train if the train is crowded.
  • Avoid parking your bicycle behind operator's cab in lead car.
  • Always keep doors and aisles clear, and be courteous to other passengers.
  • Give priority to wheelchair passengers in designated areas.
  • Always stand with your bike in the designated open area while on board the train.
  • Use elevators or stairs to enter and exit the station. Bikes are not allowed on escalators.
  • Folding bikes are encouraged and allowed on board. Make sure it is properly folded.
  • Electric bicycles are allowed if they are the size of a regular bike and are subject to safety inspection by security personnel.

Fuel powered, 3-wheeled, tandem, recumbent and over 6-foot long bicycles, as well as all mopeds and trailers, are not allowed. Failure to obey these rules may result in a citation; ref. PC 640 (b) (9) (A).

Loading a bike on Metro Rapid

Bike Metro wants to support your trip and help get you to your destination. You'll be able to go further with your bike when combining your trip with Metro Rail and bus. Whether it's using the bike rack on the bus, bringing your bike on a train, or parking your bike at a Metro station, we have many solutions to assist you on your trip. But first, please take some time to learn the bike rules when using Metro.

Please refer to our Pocket Guide for instructions and rules for taking your bike on Metro Bus or Rail; locations of bicycle parking; and information on bicycle laws, safety tips, and other tips to assist you in using your bike.

Metro Bicycle Pocket Guide

If your bike is accidentally left on the bus, please visit our Lost & Found online system to report your lost or stolen bike. You can also visit the Metro Lost & Found. They are located at 3571 Pasadena Ave and open between Monday - Saturday from 9am - 5pm.

Bikes on Rail

Now you can take your bike on Metro Rail anytime, in any direction, as space allows. See "Bikes on Metro" tab for more information.

Bike Lockers

Bike Racks on Buses

Bicycle racks are available first-come, first-serve on Metro buses. Information on how to utilize the bike racks can also be found on Metro buses.

Bike Parking

Bicycle racks and lockers can be found at many of our stations throughout the system. Refer to our Bike Parking tab for more information.

Metro provides bike parking at many stations throughout the system to improve first and last mile connections. Access a Metro Rail System Map here and find the bike parking most convenient for you.

Bike Racks

Metro Bike LockersThe best way to keep your bike safe is to lock it properly. Lock the frame preferably with a U-Lock, and then lock the wheels, and any other quick release components, with an additional bike lock. Locking tip: Use an additional U-Lock to secure wheels and frame to bike rack. Electric bikes are permitted to park at Metro bike racks, but gas or electric motorized scooters are not. Do not lock bikes to station railings or furnishings; they will be subject to removal.

Bike Lockers

Metro Bike LockersMetro’s bike locker program is now online. To check locker availability, apply to rent a locker or manage your bike locker rental, visit the Metro Bike Locker Registration page.

Bike Hubs

Metro is pleased to announce its first of five BIKE HUBS to open at the El Monte Bus Station on September 14, 2015. To learn more and register on-line for a membership, visit or call 888.659.2291 or in-person at 3501 Santa Anita Avenue Suite A, El Monte, CA 91731.

Metro Bike Hub

Metro Bike Hubs offer commuters an easy and safe way to park their bicycle and much more:

  • 24/7 secure access and customer support
  • Staff availability
  • Bike parts and accessory sales
  • Bike repair services
  • Bike repair and training clinics
  • Self-service bike repair stand with air pump

Future Metro Bike Hubs will be located at the following Stations:

  • Hollywood/Vine Red Line Station
  • Culver City Expo Line Station
  • Union Station
  • North Hollywood Red/Orange Line Station

Several similar facilities already exist across the county:

Metro plays an important role in bicycle planning across LA County, facilitating first mile/last mile connections to transit and supporting bicycle transportation through various policies and programs.

Metro encourages bicycling as an active and sustainable, emission-free form of transportation.  

Metro developed the Bicycle Transportation Strategic Plan in 2006, which established policies and priorities for bicycle transportation such as providing funds for bicycle projects, prioritizing the need to fill gaps in the bicycle network, improving access to transit which include bikes on transit and bicycle parking at stations, and encouraging and promoting bicycling-specific activities and events led by local and national efforts.

Metro started the Bicycle Roundtable in 2010 to discuss bicycle-related issues with the community. Themes from these meetings shaped Metro’s 10 bicycle related board directives issued in September 2010. Metro has delivered on many of these objectives, including lifting restrictions for bicycles on trains, increasing Call for Projects funding for bicycles by 15 percent in 2011, removing seats to create more space for bicycles on Metro Rail, and highlighting and encouraging bicycling through our communication channels.  We are continually working to improve bicycle access in all future station and transit facility designs.

Metro funds improvements to all modes of transportation through the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). An important part of this six-year program is the Call for Projects, a competitive process that distributes funds to regionally significant projects.

Every other year, Metro accepts Call for Projects applications in eight modal categories, which include funding bicycle infrastructure and bicycle safety and education programs. Public agencies responsible for transportation and transit operators are encouraged to submit project proposals for funding. Applications will be available in late 2014 – so please check back.

'Before' and 'after' bicycle counts are required for projects that have been recommended for funding. In 2013, SCAG and Metro developed the Bike Count Data Clearinghouse to assist cities in LA County and beyond with how to conduct bicycle counts and where to store the information.

The Source

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