Station Naming

LA County’s transit system is experiencing unprecedented growth. Many new rail stations are under construction and more are in the planning phase.

The station naming process includes the following steps:

  • Initial station names are identified during the project planning process primarily based on geographic location.
  • When a project is approved by the Metro Board of Directors to begin the preliminary engineering phase, a formal naming process will be initiated.
  • Metro will solicit input from cities, communities and other stakeholders on preferred station names based on the Board-adopted naming criteria.
  • The resulting station names will be reviewed by a focus group comprised of both transit system users and non-users for general public recognizability.
  • Staff will return to the appropriate Board committee and then to the full Board for adoption of the final set of official station names.
  • The adopted official station names will then be included in any final engineering documents and other agency materials.

Metro Station Naming Policy

Stations will be named to maximize benefit and convenience for the rider. Naming will provide customers with travel information in a simple, straightforward and unified way to assist patrons in successfully navigating the transit system and correspondingly, the region. Station names will reflect the following principles:

  • Transit system context: names will reflect the property’s location, relative to the entire transit system, and not duplicated elsewhere.
  • Property area: provide specific information about the property’s location relative to the surrounding area.
  • Neighborhood identity: acknowledge the communities and neighborhoods serviced by the stations and stops.
  • Simplicity: names will be short, easily recognizable and fit for signage and mapping.

While station names may be limited to fit on signs and maps, there are otherwise to help riders learn about station areas. These may include:

  • Audio announcements on the train about key destinations near stations;
  • Area maps in stations and online showing nearby destinations.

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