Rail Maintenance and Operations Facilities

Metro continues to expand its rail network. With new lines planned and under construction, the agency will need to add more rail maintenance and storage facilities. These are known as rail yards.

Rail Yards

  • Are used to store rail cars off the main operating tracks
  • Include space and facilities to clean, maintain and repair the rail cars
  • Include space and equipment to maintain and repair vehicles, tracks and other components of the system
  • Provide office space for rail operations administrative and communications support
  • Are where rail operations employees, including train operators, maintenance workers, supervisors, administrative, security personnel and others come to work

Rail yards are always located near the line(s) they serve, with a direct rail connection. They are typically located in industrial areas, although some are adjacent to commercial areas or residential communities.

Planning, locating and designing rail yards

Metro evaluates rail yard needs during the environmental review process for new rail lines. This work involves analyzing one or more sites to determine how well they meet the operational needs of the project.  The evaluation looks at impacts during construction, and during planned operations. 

LA County is already well developed with little vacant land available for new or expanded rail yards. This means Metro will  likely need to acquire property already used for another purpose. Property acquisition is governed by state and federal law that, requires Metro to provide just compensation to the property owner. Please see our Property Acquisition fact sheet for more information on this process.

Each facility and location is unique. Metro strives to develop and design new rail yards that meet the agency’s operational needs and fit into the community to the best extent possible. Metro also strives to be an environmental leader and build new facilities to the highest sustainability standards. This can include incorporating design elements and systems for reducing emissions, waste and the use of water and electricity.

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