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Vision 2028 Plan

What is the Metro Vision 2028 Plan?

Metro Vision 2028 is our agency’s big picture plan to improve mobility in Los Angeles County and explains what the public can expect from Metro through the year 2028. This is a bold and ambitious plan that intends to marshal the creativity, resources, and political will to shape our mobility future and unleash Los Angeles County’s unparalleled economic and social promise.

What is the purpose of Metro Vision 2028?

Let’s first summarize the critical issue facing LA County. We all know it as traffic, but traffic congestion is an indicator of broader mobility problems. Mobility directly impacts our region’s future and its economic and social promise. Better mobility means safe and convenient access to the basic needs in your life, such as more job opportunities, housing, education, and health services. Vision 2028 seeks to provide great mobility to everyone, whether they walk, bike, take transit, or drive. The plan builds on some key initiatives already underway now at Metro — and includes strategic actions that go well beyond the status quo. Vision 2028 sets Metro’s strategic direction and serves as the foundation for all other Metro plans, programs, and services. For example, the already in progress Long Range Transportation Plan and the NextGen Bus Study will take a deeper and more detailed focus on how we will accomplish goals in Vision 2028.

How can I get involved?

This plan is about putting you at the core of transportation and at the forefront of how we do business. We need you as our partners in order to build a better transportation future for LA County.

Your involvement can start with getting acquainted with the Metro Vision 2028 Plan through reading the Executive Summary .  Please find your preferred language under Documents on the right side bar.

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