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DIR Contractor Registration

The California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) requires that all construction contractors performing prevailing wage work to be registered with the its Public Works Contractor Registration database. All construction contractors doing business with Metro must be registered at both the time of bid and at the time of award.

  • There is a non-refundable fee of $400 per fiscal year for registration.
  • There is a $2,000 fine for failing to have your company registered at the time of bid and/or award, in addition to the $400 fee.
  • Registered contractors who inadvertently fail to renew by June 30, but continue to work on public works after that date, have a 90-day grace period to renew retroactively by paying a $400 penalty in addition to the registration renewal fee.

The DIR requires the field surveying, field soils and material testing, building and construction management companies to register with the Contractor Database. Also, contractors, regardless of tier, are required to register if they are responsible for the payment of prevailing wage. This includes prime contractors who do not perform prevailing wage covered work, but have hired a contractor that is performing covered work.

For more information, please visit the DIR’s website at:

To register your company:

To check the registration status of any company: