Goods Movement

Metro has a plan to make it easier to get around, which includes easing congestion to move goods through LA County in a way that fosters inclusive growth and supports our economic competitiveness, environmental sustainability and social equity goals.

Why is goods movement important in LA County?

The ability to move goods efficiently across Los Angeles County and beyond is crucial to the economic vitality and mobility of Southern California and the nation. Los Angeles County is a massive economic engine with over 10.2 million people, the largest container port-complex in the United States, the sixth-busiest cargo airport (LAX), and manufacturing facilities that support numerous industries, such as fashion, entertainment, education, marketing, design and publishing, aerospace. The goods movement dependent industries generate one third of the County’s economy and supports one third of the employment. The goods that move through our ports alone support over 86,000 businesses and employ 1.3 million employees in the County.

However, our County’s freight transportation system is often burdened due to the overwhelming demand to move people and goods. With an additional 2.3 million residents expected in the next 40 years, this demand and strain on our transportation system are expected to get worse. To achieve balanced growth and sustain quality of life, Metro strives to improve the existing freight transportation system for the future.

How does Metro support goods movement in Los Angeles County?

Metro’s Goods Movement group serves as a centralized source of goods movement planning in Los Angeles County. We coordinate and work in partnership with the numerous agencies and stakeholders on the local, regional, state, and national levels. Recognizing the County’s role as a premier global gateway, we strive to create strategies with modern, multimodal approaches to move goods in efficient and environmentally sound ways.

Sustainable Freight Competitiveness Framework

Metro’s goods movement partners emphasized that LA County’s economic competitiveness is at risk and identified the guiding values and priorities to create the elements of a Sustainable Freight Competitiveness Framework for the next five years.

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