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Metro Internship Program (MIP)

Recruitment for Metro’s 2020/21 Metro Internship Program is currently closed and our team is no longer accepting new applications. We look forward to sharing updates as soon as information is made available.

The Metro Internship Program is part of Metro’s “Career Ladder Program” initiative. The program offers undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students an opportunity to gain relevant work experience and job skills through a paid internship.

The program enables students to learn about the transportation industry by applying classroom theories and concepts to “real world” work situations at the nation’s third largest public transportation agency.

The type(s) of internship opportunities offered may include:

  • accounting
  • administration
  • architectural design
  • bus and rail operations administration
  • civil engineering
  • community relations
  • graphic design
  • government relations
  • marketing
  • mechanical engineering
  • media relations
  • project management
  • research
  • safety and security administration
  • talent acquisition
  • training and development
  • urban planning
  • workforce planning

MIP internship assignments are reviewed every six months by the hiring department, and an intern has an opportunity to work up to two years.

The program provides understanding of the basic principles and practices of public transportation logistics and management.

Eligibility for the program is open to any student who is currently enrolled or registered at an accredited institution of higher learning.


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