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Related Projects

Rio Hondo Confluence Station Feasibility Study
In December 2018, the Metro Board of Directors directed staff to conduct a feasibility study of a potential West Santa Ana Branch Transit Corridor (WSAB) station at the confluence of the Los Angeles River and the Rio Hondo Channel.

This study will evaluate the possibility of adding a station to the proposed WSAB Project at Los Angeles River/Rio Hondo Confluence (Confluence) in the City of South Gate. The Confluence site offers a unique opportunity to connect light rail transit (LRT) with planned community uses in the area, including multi-use trails, regional park space, and a future cultural arts center. Currently, the WSAB Project does not include a potential Rio Hondo Confluence Station, as it was not previously envisioned through the prior planning phases of the Project.

This study is being conducted separately, but in parallel with the WSAB EIS/EIR. It will build upon and utilize the environmental analysis from the WSAB Draft EIS/EIR. Findings from the study shall be presented to the Metro Board at the conclusion of the WSAB environmental process. At that time, the Metro Board shall determine if the potential station is to advance into a separate environmental phase.

WSAB Transit Oriented Development Strategic Implementation Plan (TOD SIP)

In order to maximize the transit investment that will be made in the West Santa Ana Branch Transit Corridor (WSAB) and to ensure that communities along the corridor equitably benefit from the investment, Metro facilitated the development of a Transit Oriented Development Strategic Implementation Plan (TOD SIP) . The Plan was funded by the FTA Pilot TOD Project program, and completed in partnership with the City of South Gate, and Eco-Rapid Transit.

The Plan provides an overarching vision and strategic guidance for local WSAB jurisdictions to use as a reference as they develop and implement their own plans, policies and economic development and mobility strategies in the 12 station areas along the alignment. Links to the TOD SIP and related Implementation Programs can be found here .