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Airport Metro Connector

In cooperation with Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), Metro is examining ways to connect the growing Metro Rail system with LAX. The study is focusing on a five square mile area bounded by La Cienega Bl on the east, Manchester Av on the north, Mariposa Av on the south and the LAX airport terminals on the west. The study is also evaluating how a new project might impact the broader Metro Rail network and its riders.

LAWA is leading the evaluation of the Automated People Mover (APM), while Metro is evaluating light rail alternatives. All of the options being analyzed in these coordinated studies involve a transfer between Metro Rail and the LAWA APM to connect to the terminals at LAX. They would all integrate in some way with the two Metro Rail lines in the area. The Metro Green Line, in operation since 1995, currently has more than 43,000 boardings on an average weekday. The Metro Crenshaw/LAX Line is under construction and scheduled to open in 2019.

In 2012, Metro conducted an initial evaluation of twenty-seven alternatives. In 2013, the six most promising options received more in-depth study. Metro and LAWA are now continuing to study four possible locations for the connection between light rail and the APM to complete travel to the LAX terminals.

  • Aviation/Century Connection
    The Crenshaw/LAX line is under construction and due to open in 2019. This new light rail project includes a station at Aviation/Century. With this alternative, Metro Rail passengers would transfer at this station to the LAWA APM to connect to the airport terminals.
  • Aviation/96th St. Connection
    Metro could build another station on the Crenshaw/LAX line at Aviation/96th Street. With this alternative, Metro Rail passengers would transfer at this new station to the LAWA APM to connect to the airport terminals. The Aviation/Century Station for the Crenshaw/LAX line will still be built, but the connection to the APM would occur at this new Aviation/96th Street station. The Aviation/Century station would continue to serve patrons with destinations in the area who are not traveling to LAX.
  • Intermodal Transportation Facility Connection
    With this alternative, Metro Rail would be shifted to the west to connect to LAWA’s planned Intermodal Transportation Facility between 96th and 98th Street, just west of Sepulveda Boulevard. This is where Metro Rail passengers would transfer to LAWA’s APM to connect to the airport terminals
  • Central Terminal Area Connection
    With this alternative, Metro Rail would be extended to the east end of LAX’s central terminal area, near the Theme Building, where passengers would then transfer to an APM to complete the connection to the airport terminals.

In addition to these four alternatives, Metro is also required to analyze a No Build and Transportation System Management alternative.

While Metro studies the light rail alternatives, LAWA is concurrently studying how an APM could connect to the airport from the Metro Rail system at the four possible connection points described above. Metro and LAWA will continue to coordinate and collaborate throughout the environmental review process to design the most effective connection points and alignments possible.

Metro wants to hear about your vision for improving transit service to LAX, including how a connection might:

  • Improve traffic congestion and transportation options to and from the airport
  • Best serve airport users and local employees
  • Provide travelers with the level of transportation they expect when visiting a world-class city
  • Distribute passengers throughout the airport area

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