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It Is, LLC

Transforming businesses and lives for the better.

It Is (Intelligent Technology Integration Solution), LLC is a unique kind of technology firm, specializing in all that is "computer," with more than 30 years of IT experience. It Is, LLC is making a difference, bringing a new and fresh perspective into the inner city and transforming businesses and lives for the better.

Their mission is to provide technical support solutions that are uncommon in the inner city, with competencies in every technology area and targeted at economic development and expansion. They make IT work and put it to work wherever they go.

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Ask about the "itisCOVERED" technical support and maintenance program -- just $75 per quarter!

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It Is, LLC is located at 5343 Crenshaw Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90043

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Phone: 323-348-4900

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5343 Crenshaw Boulevard Los Angeles, CA

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