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Mr. Wisdom

Organic, wheatgrass, vegetarian, body cleanse & juice bar


Your Body is a Machine and just like a car you need maintenance. Indigestible toxins can sit in your stomach for years poisoning your body until you clean it out. What comes out of your body is just as important as what goes in.  Mr. Wisdom cooks only organic vegan food. He also prepares organic juices, smoothies and energy/protein drinks which are all made with all organic ingredients and Kangen Water. Mr. Wisdom personally offers all the food he cooks to Krsna so all the food served at Mr. Wisdom's is blessed.

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Mr. Wisdom is located at 3526 W. Slauson Ave, L.A. 90043. Find your best route with the Trip Planner.

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Phone: 323.295.1517

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3526 West Slauson Avenue Los Angeles, CA

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