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Vanpool Program

Sharing the ride and expenses in a vanpool has always been a convenient, reliable and economical way to get to work. The typical vanpooler saves as much as 70% in commute costs when switching from driving alone to vanpooling. And now, the Metro Vanpool Program makes vanpooling more affordable than ever before by saving each vanpool up to $400 per month. That equates to an additional 20 – 30% savings – What a deal!


Metro Vanpool Program contact: or 213.922.6226.


The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) administers the Metro Vanpool Program to provide alternative transportation choices to commuters, improve air quality, and reduce traffic congestion in Los Angeles County. The Metro Vanpool Program offers up to a $400 monthly lease subsidy – not to exceed 50% of the lease costs- for commuter vanpools of 7-15 passengers that have a destination to a Los Angeles County worksite for which a completed Program application and agreement has been submitted and approved by Metro. (See Application and Enrollment). Private transit, private shuttles, private vanpools and owner-operated vanpools are not eligible to enroll in the Metro Vanpool Program.


Where to Begin

Get started with at least five (5) commuters ready to share the ride and save. Whether just starting a vanpool or a vanpool group already on the road -both new and existing vanpool groups with a valid vanpool leasing agency agreement are eligible to participate in the Metro Vanpool Program. Program requirements are detailed in the Metro Vanpool Program Participation Guidelines (Revised 9/14) and Metro Vanpool Program Participation Agreement (Revised 9/14).


Application Process

To apply for the Metro Vanpool Program lease fare subsidy, a vanpool agreement holder with a valid vanpool agreement with any Metro vanpool partner leasing agency must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Participation Agreement complete the Metro Vanpool Program Participation Application and submit the completed application to Metro. Applications received by Metro from an authorized leasing agent by the 15th of each month will be considered for enrollment on the first day of the following month.


Enrollment Evaluation

Metro will review each application received for eligibility and completeness based on the following rules: (1) Applicant is the confirmed primary driver or lease holder. (2) Vanpool operates at least 30 miles roundtrip and three days each week, (3) Vanpools must begin service with at least 70% of vehicle seats occupied, (4) Vanpool agreement holder agrees to all terms and conditions of the Metro Vanpool Program. (5) Vehicle lease fare is less than or equal to maximum lease authorized. (6) Vanpools must end at a work site located within Los Angeles County, (7) Vehicle selected is less than four years old and/or 200,000.


Enrollment Notice

All applicants will be notified by Metro regarding enrollment approval.


Maintaining Enrollment

Requirements for maintaining enrollment include: (a) Follow program guidelines and terms of agreement as detailed in the Metro Vanpool Program Participation Guidelines, (b) Submit a complete and valid Metro Vanpool reports when due, (c) Respond to Metro and leasing agent requests for information, (d) Maintain a minimum 70% rider occupancy rate each month, (e) Respond to public requests to join the vanpool.


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