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Transit is Metro's official app

Meet Transit. Metro’s official app

Download Go Metro App from Apple Store. Download Go Metro App from Google Play Store.

Whether you’re a first-time rider or if you use Metro frequently and need to plan your trip, use Transit to find the fastest way around Los Angeles.

An easy app to navigate LA.

  • Find nearby real-time ETAs as soon as you open the app, along all the options to get around (public transit, bikeshare, scooters, ridehail)
  • Track real-time vehicle locations on the map
  • Plan your trip and find the fastest way with Transit’s multimodal trip planner
  • Tap GO for step-by-step directions, and help fellow riders with crowdsourced real-time information
  • Subscribe to service alerts on your favorite lines to receive notifications about service disruptions.
  • Set your favorite destinations for easy trip planning: home, gym, school, surf spot… anything’s possible.

Transit App

Check nearby departures anywhere! Just enter an address or station and Transit will show you the next buses and trains.