Safety for Women

Understanding How Women Travel

In seeking to understand how women travel, Metro is taking an important first step towards easing the disproportionate efforts women put in to making the transportation system work for them.

A young woman riding a Metro Rail vehicle staring out of the window.
A young woman riding a Metro Rail vehicle staring out of the window.

Why Study Women’s Travel?

Metro’s Vision Statement includes “increased prosperity for all by removing mobility barriers.”

With women comprising more than half of Metro’s existing riders, and more than half the population in Los Angeles County, a key component of achieving the agency’s vision is to understand the mobility barriers to economic opportunity that women currently face.

Ridesharing customers including a mother with her child in a car seat.

Methods and Findings

Together, these methods reveal rich and significant findings about how women travel. This report organizes findings according to five themes:

Travel Behavior Trends​

Overall travel trends and transit-specific travel trends.


Sexual harassment and crime, physical safety and injuries, presence of staff to manage safety concerns, and other issues that exacerbate safety concerns.


Financial access, physical access, and Access services.


Headways, real-time information, pass-ups, and service times.

Convenience & Comfort​

Investment of time, cleanliness, customer service, and station and vehicle design.

Future Investments

Innovation already infiltrates Metro’s many offered services, from e-bikes in the Metro Bike Share fleet to the new MicroTransit pilot.

As travel modes and trends shift, Metro’s opportunities for investment and experimentation will expand, and should take into account the needs, preferences, and concerns of women.

Woman with sunglasses has a bike on the Metro Rail platform.
Metro Security Officer assisting passenger on platform.

How to contact Metro Transit Security:

Call 888.950.SAFE (7233)
Text 213.788.2777
Use the LA Metro Transit Watch app, available at the App Store and Google Play
Call 911 if it’s an emergency

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