Safety for kids and students

Tips for Young Riders

Children under age 6 may travel free with a fare-paying adult on bus or rail. Children age 6 and over must pay fare in order to ride. Regular fare is $1.75 and is good for 2 hrs of unlimited transfers in one direction.

Young rider reading a book on a Metro rail vehicle.
Young rider reading a book on a Metro rail vehicle.

How to Keep Everyone Safe

Father and daughter on Metro Rail vehicle wearing masks and looking out window on their left.

Safety Tips for Parents

  • Don’t allow your children to play near buses, trains or tracks: pushing and shoving can cause accidents.
  • Hold onto your child when a train or bus approaches.
  • Never let your children run after or next to a moving bus or train.
  • Passengers must keep all parts of their body inside the bus.
  • Hold onto your children upon boarding and exiting trains and buses.
  • For more safety tips, visit:
Two young men on the platform laughing and one wearing headphones.
Two young men on the platform laughing and one wearing headphones.

Safety Tips for Teens and Children

When you ride Metro to get to and from school and other activities, always remember these five tips to get around safely:

1 Know your route.

Plan your route ahead of time and leave early so you’re not rushed. Have a backup route just in case there’s a delay with your first plan.

2 Ride with a friend whenever possible.

When you stay together on board the bus or train, safety is in numbers.

3 Hold on to your stuff, and be sure you take everything with you as you exit.

Keep your phone, devices and any valuables in your bag.

4 Stay alert of what’s going on around you, and especially so you don’t miss your stop.

Keep a look out for your stop. If you need to use your phone, look up from your screen often, and keep one earbud out so you can hear what’s going on around you, too. If you ever see someone acting in a way that makes you uncomfortable, move away.

Sit closer to the bus/train operator or switch to another bus or train car.

5 See something? Say something.

See something? Say something.

Know how to get help if you ever don’t feel safe. If there’s someone or something causing you to not feel safe, let us know and someone will respond right away.

Passenger listening to a Metro Transit Security officer.

How to contact Metro Transit Security:

Call 888.950.SAFE (7233)
Text 213.788.2777
Use the LA Metro Transit Watch app, available at the App Store and Google Play
Call 911 if it’s an emergency

Parent pushing a stroller through protected crossing as Metro Rail vehicle passes behind.


Strollers are welcome on Metro. On rail, look for the decal on the outside of the car that lets you know there’s designated space for passengers with strollers inside. Note that there may not always be room on board to accommodate a stroller.

Riders should always give priority seating to seniors and persons with disabilities.

Ride with a TAP Card

To pay with a TAP card, each rider must have a TAP card. TAP cards are non-transferable, even with family members. Eligible K-12 students may ride for free with GoPass. Find out if your school is participating in the GoPass program here. If your school isn’t part of the GoPass program, you can still ride with a discount through our Reduced Fare program. Discounted student fares only apply if you have an orange Reduced Fare TAP card.
Customer using TAP card at machine in Metro Station.