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Continued participation for the annual pass program is only a few steps away:

First 3 Steps: Submit to Metro Commute Services (MCS)

1. Complete Employee Lists
2. Make a copy of the most recent official payroll report, such as DE9C
3. Submit your completed Employee Lists and DE9C report to MCS for check-in.

NOTE: Once received, your Metro Representative will review your Employee Lists and Official Payroll Report. If approved you will receive your 2019 Continued Participation Agreement.

Last 3 Steps: Submit to Metro Representative

1. Review and sign your 2019 Continued Participation Agreement.
2. Prepare “New Employee” and “Add” photos.
3. Submit payment, photos and forms to your Metro Representative.

Please note that to guarantee that your passes will be re-activated by January 1, 2019 you MUST submit all the necessary forms along with payment by 5pm on November 19, 2018.

If you have any questions, contact your Metro Representative or MCS at 213.922.7983.

Please see instructions tab above for all forms to continue participation in the program.

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