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Rain (SWPPP Compliance)

  • Before it rains, make sure the construction contractor:
    • Cover and berm outdoor sediment piles
    • Make sure all nearby storm drains are properly protected
    • Filter fabric under storm drain grate
    • Gravel bags around storm drain
    • These BMPs must be in place at all times, not just this rain event
  • After it rains, make sure the construction contractor:
    • Check storm drains in the area and remove any debris from around the storm drain and from on top of the storm drain
    • Check BMPs and repair/replace if necessary

High Wind

  • Secure loose drums, equipment, and tarps/coverings in the yard (store items indoors when possible)
  • Never touch any downed powerline or cable
  • Post wind event, assess any damage to roof, windows, equipment and structures

High Heat

  • Ensure workers have access to drinking water and issue reminders to drink plenty of water throughout the day
  • Observe workers for alertness and signs or symptoms of heat illness
  • Ensure that effective communication by voice, observation, or electronic means is maintained so that employees at the work site can contact a supervisor when necessary