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Senior Guide

Metro is one of the nation’s largest public transportation agencies. We can take you just about anywhere in LA County.

How to Plan Your Trip

To plan the route that’s best for you, use out Trip Planner at or call us toll-free at 323.GO.METRO.

Metro Bus

Our buses travel most major streets in the county, offering different types of service. Metro Local routes stop about every two blocks and are painted orange (some are white with yellow stripes). Metro Rapid routes are faster, because they stop only at major intersections; they are painted red. Metro Express routes travel long distances on freeway and make very few stops.

Metro Orange Line

The Metro Orange Line is a bus-only transitway running across the San Fernando Valley between North Hollywood, Warner Center and Chatsworth. Vehicles on this line are painted silver and called Metro Liners; they stop at 18 stations, operating very much like Metro Rail trains. Many bus connections are available at each station.

Metro Rail

The Metro Blue, Green, Red, Purple, Gold and Expo lines comprise Metro Rail. There are a total of 80 stations in the system, each offering many bus connections.

Other Carriers

Many local cities operate additional bus services in their areas. Please note that these carriers have difference fare structures than Metro.


Most Metro bus and rail lines start running around 4am and keep running until about midnight. They are less frequent in the late evening and on weekends, so check the timetables at to be sure.

Riding Tips

  • Arrive at your stop or station early
  • Stand back from the street or edge of the platform
  • Check the bus headsign to make sure the approaching bus is the one you want to take
  • Wave to the bus operator to stop
  • Wait for exiting passengers to leave, then board
  • Passengers requiring additional assistance may request the operator to lower the ramp or deploy the lift and/or ask for help in boarding and securing a seat on the bus
  • Secure your personal belongings
  • Please do not eat, drink, smoke or play loud music
  • Be alert while traveling and report any unusual activities by calling 888.950.SAFE (7233)
  • Please be ready to exit when you arrive at your stop
  • Make sure you have your belongings with you and exit, if you are physically able to, using the rear door