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Safety Tips

General Safety

  • Never run after or next to a moving bus or train.
  • Don’t play near buses, trains or tracks; pushing and shoving can cause accidents.
  • Hold on to your child when a train or bus approaches.
  • Wait for the vehicle to stop before approaching.
  • Wait for exiting passengers to leave, then board.
  • Watch your step, especially at night or in wet weather.
  • Take a seat if possible; use handrails/handholds.
  • Be ready to exit when you arrive at your stop.
  • Step away after exiting.

Bus Tips

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  • Wait on the sidewalk away from the curb, not in or near the street.
  • When using bike racks, always stay in view of the bus operator.
  • When standing, stay behind the yellow line, not on the steps.
  • Keep all parts of your body inside the bus.
  • Exit through rear doors whenever possible.
  • If you drop something when exiting, leave it on the ground until the bus drives away.

Rail Tips

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  • Always stand away from the edge of platform.
  • Don’t skate or ride your bike on the platform, stairs or escalators.
  • Watch the gap between the platform and train.
  • Don’t lean against train doors; keep hands clear.
  • Never climb railroad vehicles or walk on the tracks.

Protect Your Phone

Cell phones, smart phones and other electronic devices are great ways to use your time on board, but they can be attractive targets for thieves.  These simple precautions can reduce your risk.

  • Be Alert -- Most thefts are surprise grabs, with phones or other items taken from unsuspecting riders who may be engrossed in using them at that moment.
  • Be Secure -- Put your phone away when getting on and off trains and buses. It’s a prime time for thieves to strike.
  • Be Aware -- Trains are a favorite venue for phone thefts due to the large number of passengers and exits.

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