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Reporting Crimes/Incidents

For any threat to public safety on the Metro system, call Transit Watch at (888) 950-SAFE.

For emergencies, call 911

Department Mission:

To ensure Metro patrons and employees can ride and work safely, without fear, 100% of the time.

Metro's Law Enforcement Structure :

As of July 1, 2017, Metro amended its law enforcement structure to include a multi-policing model inclusive of Metro’s Transit Security Guards (TSOs) and contract security personnel. Metro’s law enforcement model includes the: Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and Long Beach Police Department. This multi-agency approach will allow for higher visibility, enhanced response time, improved customer experience and deployment of specifically trained officers to engage patrons with mental illness and/or homelessness.

Security camera image (for decorative purposes only). Your security is Metro’s top priority. We take every precaution to keep your trip safe. But the real eyes and ears of the system are YOU. Here’s how you can help:

Be aware

If someone riding near you forgets a personal item, remind them to take it along.

Be informed

Know the location of emergency phones. To contact Metro Security call 888.950.SAFE (7233) or text 213.788.2777.

Be alert

Report any suspicious behavior, persons in unauthorized areas or unattended packages to Metro, Sheriff, LAPD or LBPD personnel immediately.

“Tap With Pride” Campaign

Metro created the “Tap With Pride” campaign as a way to work and partner with the community to gain greater fare and code of conduct compliance. The campaign focuses on partnering with faith-based organizations, community centers and schools to better educate the community on the Metro system and fare discounts.

Youth Fare Resolution Program

As part of the Metro Transit Court citation process, the Youth Fare Resolution Program is an internal Metro program where youth violators are contacted and counseled on how to expunge their fare violation records.