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Child Trafficking Awareness

Almost one million people—mostly young girls—are trafficked against their will each year. An increasing number are being trafficked right here in Los Angeles County.

Everyday, in small towns and big cities in countries throughout the world, women and girls are being trafficked into a horrible life of sexual slavery. Often tricked into traveling for work, these women face unendurable pain and humiliation. They are stripped of their human rights. They are bought and sold like objects. They are trapped in a life of degradation and abuse.

A young woman may be a victim of trafficking if she:

  • Looks fearful or depressed, and is not on her own
  • Is being closely watched
  • Does not have possession of her paperwork or money
  • Shows signs of physical abuse

Please help us assist those in need. If you have reason to believe someone might be a victim of human trafficking, please call 888.950.SAFE.