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Telework, also called telecommuting, is a work arrangement where employees do not commute or travel to their work location, such as an office or warehouse, and instead perform their work tasks and duties from home.

Benefits of telework programs – employers that offer telework programs to their employees realize many benefits. According to the International Telework Association and Council, on average, teleworking yields:

  • 22% increase in employee productivity
  • 20% decrease in employee turnover
  • 60% decrease in employee absenteeism

In addition, telework programs are a strategy for employers that must comply with South Coast AQMD’s Rule 2202, help meet air quality regulations, or submit Trip Reduction Plans to local cities.

Telework Benefits Info Sheet

Resources – Metro Rideshare/Shared Mobility is committed to providing support to employers, large and small, in LA County with telework information and resources:

Telework Frequently Asked Questions

Telecommuting Tips for Your Employees

Telework Guidebook for Employers

Other Information – There are lots of excellent blogs and external sources of information about teleworking. These links are provided as a resource and not associated with Metro:

LifeCare Guide: Effectively Managing Employees Who Telecommute

Tablet2Cases: Ultimate Guide to Telecommuting

Telework Toolkit: Guide to Writing a Telework Policy

Employers that are interested in offering telework arrangements to their employees or learning how telework programs can fit their needs are encouraged to email , or call 213.922.2811.