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School Pool

Start a School Pool

There are many ways to save time and get your students to school safely.

Metro can help parents at your school carpool by creating a parent carpool directory and matching parents with similar schedules – for free! Other options include walking, bicycling, taking public transit and starting a school bus service. Setting up drop-off lanes or a valet service can also decrease traffic and improve safety at your student’s school.

Make a Carpool Directory

Carpooling is an effective way to save money on gas and reduce traffic and pollution in the neighborhood.

If you are a school administrator and would like Metro to create a parent carpool directory for your school, then our software can match parents with similar schedules and destinations. These services are free!

At least 50 participating families are typically required per school for successful carpool matching. All information is confidential and will not be shared outside of your school.

Designated Drop-Off Lanes

Create a student drop-off zone at your school to reduce traffic! Drop-off lanes help students get out of their cars quickly and safely, so parents don’t need to park or exit the car. These programs have nearly eliminated traffic at other schools! Los Angeles Unified School District provides free training and valet kits (safety vests, traffic cones) for parents.

Walking and Biking

Research shows that children get up to 33% of their daily exercise from walking to school. To make walking and biking safe for everyone, consider the following resources:

Taking Public Transit

Students are eligible for large fare discounts on Metro TAP passes. Busses and trains often service the homes and schools of students, so look into finding an appropriate route.

Metro also offers public art tours and safety presentations about the Metro system that are open to all students, as well as free class field trips to museums and other destinations:

School Bus Service

School buses reduce parking needs and traffic. To begin first learn:

How to start a school bus service
How to evaluate a bus company
How to plan an effective bus route

Los Angeles Unified School District published a list of safety-approved charter bus companies

For questions about Los Angeles Unified School District school bus service, contact their Transportation Services Division