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What is rideshare?

Rideshare is the communal use of transportation.

We aim to provide a multi-modal approach to your commute so that you can arrive at your destination efficiently, sustainably, and enjoyably. Everyone shares the ride at one point or another; whether we start a carpool, take the bus, ride bikes with a group, or walk with a friend, we are choosing to share that ride.

There are limitless options when deciding how to get where you are going and often combining several modes is your best option. As we focus our efforts on sharing the ride as opposed to driving alone we can reduce traffic congestion, pollution, and countless hours wasted on freeways. By providing access to transportation as an alternative to ownership we enter the shared economy and begin accomplishing our goals. Through policy, programming, advocacy, and education we can develop our shared mobility resources and change the paradigm for transportation in Los Angeles.

Look through the commuter and employer programs we offer to find services that will make your life easier and your businesses greener.

Why rideshare?

You can save money!

You can keep your kids safer!

Your company can get tax breaks!

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Commuters, parents, and employers interested in learning more about rideshare programs that will fit their needs are encouraged to visit , email , or call directly to 213.922.2811.