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Security Straps for Mobility Devices

Free Securement Straps or Marking
for Wheelchairs and Scooters

Securement straps and markings can help you experience faster securement and a safer ride.

All Metro buses are outfitted with seating areas to accommodate riders using wheelchairs, scooters and other mobility devices. Metro offers expert marking or securement strap placement for your mobility device...and its FREE.

Bright yellow tape marks ideal locations for tie-down hooks and enables faster securement. Securement straps also enable quicker attachment and release.

For FREE securement straps or marking installation, please call 213.922.8800.

To request brochures or to obtain this information in an accessible format, please call 213.922.7023 to leave a message for the Metro Schedule Room.

For your convenience, bus operators will:

  • Provide assistance in boarding Metro buses
  • Attempt to clear the wheelchair securement space when occupied
  • Prepare the securement area for your use
  • Request that your brake be set or power turned off
  • Quickly and safely secure your mobility device
  • Should securement be chosen, offer the lap or shoulder belt for increased safety
  • Quickly release securement equipment and assist you in exiting the bus.

Wheelchair Securement Strapping and Marking Program