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General Information

Metro strives to ensure that its services (including over 200 bus and rail routes) are fully accessible to all of our customers, including those with disabilities.

The Accessibility team, within the Office of Civil Rights & Inclusion, works to ensure agency/systemwide compliance with federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) part 49 requirements, State of California Code of Regulation Title 24 CBC Accessibility regulations, municipal regulations and Metro policies regarding accessibility for customers with disabilities. The Accessibility team is committed to going above and beyond by working to ensure that all vehicles, facilities, programs and services are not only compliant, but useable for Metro customers with disabilities.

Metro strives to go above and beyond the minimum requirements and adopts future proofed solutions. Major initiatives include:

  • Updates to Metro Rail Facilities Design Criteria, Directive and Standard design drawings
  • Metro BRT Facilities Design Criteria
  • Reconfiguration of transit vehicle accessibility areas
  • Proof of concept testing for new and innovative digital solutions
  • ADA tactile guidance pathways (designed to assist blind/visually impaired customers and other customers while navigating Metro stations)
  • Hands-free access to Metro station crossings, elevators, and customer information/assistance.

Metro is also the primary funding source for Access Services, the federally-required ADA paratransit service provider for Los Angeles County. This service is offered to individuals whose disabilities prevent them from independently using regular bus or rail service. It is comparable to fixed-route service and offers curb-to curb service during hours when local bus service is provided. For more information, please call Access Services Incorporated at 1.800.827.0829.