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Other Accommodations

  • Passengers who have difficulty stepping onto a bus, including those using walkers or crutches, can request use of the lift or ramp to board or alight. Please follow the operator’s instructions carefully and be sure to hold onto the handrails on the lift – the lift could move suddenly once activated. Passengers who are 5'5" or taller need to use caution to prevent their head from hitting as the lift rises and they enter the bus.
  • Respirators or personal oxygen supply aids required by passengers are allowed onboard the bus or train if the equipment can be safely transported and controlled during the trip. Only one oxygen tank per person is allowed on a bus or train at one time.
  • Riders with hearing or speech impairments , use the California Relay Service, 711, and then the number you need.
  • Service animals are allowed aboard Metro. The animal should be identified to the bus operator or fare inspector as a “service animal.” All service animals must be on a leash that is no longer than six feet and must be under the control of the handler at all times. Canine service animals that are aggressive, barking or growling are not considered under the control of the handler and may not enter the bus at that time. When the service animal is under control, then the service animal is welcome on board a Metro bus or train.