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New Features on Metro’s Newest Buses

New Metro buses transitioning into service have been carefully designed with special attention to accessibility features. New equipment and design features ensure accessibility for customers with disabilities – but Metro has moved beyond the minimum ADA requirements to provide exceptional service to customers with disabilities.

On the new buses, customers using wheelchairs now can choose to ride in either a forward-facing or rear-facing direction.

  • Forward-facing wheelchair position uses the latest equipment for quick and easy 3-point securement
  • For FREE expertly installed wheelchair marking or securement straps, placed in the correct wheelchair frame securement locations, call Metro’s accessibility partner at 213-922-8800 for an appointment
  • For even quicker boarding, try the rear-facing position. A barrier allows customers using wheelchairs to ride safely without securement; Metro recommends using the anti-tip belt and setting the brake when using this position.

Additional accessibility features of the new buses also include:

  • More gradually sloped ramp for easier boarding
  • More spacious entry area for better maneuvering of mobility devices
  • Single flip-up seat to stow walker or mobility aid
  • Area reserved for customers with disabilities is now more clearly marked with floor graphics, overhead lighting, special fabric design and updated signage
  • A second lighted interior sign displaying next stop information to passengers seated in the rear half of the bus
  • Additional overhead hand-held straps in the front area of the bus