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Bus Riding Tips

Wheelchair Accommodations

Metro buses can accommodate all types of wheelchairs, including three-wheel scooter-chairs, power chairs and small four-wheel chairs. The general requirement is that the mobility device must fit on the ramp and be able to maneuver to the wheelchair securement area.

1. Boarding the bus – Bus operators will offer to assist each passenger using a mobility device in boarding the bus, reaching the securement area and securing the chair. Be aware of items hanging outside of the chair (bags, backpacks, baskets or other items) and make sure they are not in the way while boarding.

2. Securement on the bus – Metro uses a strap system mounted on the floor that can secure a variety of mobility devices.

3. Securement strap program – Metro offers free expert pre-marking of tie-down locations on mobility devices and securement straps for securement points. Both enable faster securement and release aboard buses. For the free pre-marking or installation of securement straps, contact 213.922.8800. See the Securement Straps for Mobility Devices brochure for complete details.

4. Securement areas – Metro policy requires that the operator ask other passengers sitting in the wheelchair securement area to move when a wheelchair passenger boards. The operator will request other passengers to give up their seats, but cannot force them to move.

5. Mechanical failures – In the event there is a problem with the ramp on a bus, the operator will contact Bus Operations Control for a supervisor’s response, or another bus to assist the patron using the mobility device. On most Metro routes, another bus with an operating ramp will arrive at the stop in less than 30 minutes.

Accommodations for Riders with Vision Impairments

  • All Metro buses have automated annunciation systems that announce all upcoming bus stops. These announcements can be heard inside and outside the bus. For bus lines serving stops with multiple destinations, the annunciation systems will announce the bus line number and destination.

General bus riding tips