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Why is Metro pursuing a Transit Policing Safety Committee?

Following the George Floyd protests earlier this year, the Metro Board of Directors sought recommendations from Metro’s System Security and Law Enforcement Department on ways to reform the agency’s policing practices as well as reallocating resources typically devoted to policing to other forms of community safety. Metro is now re-evaluating its safety strategies to ensure it is meeting the needs and expectations of transit riders.

As part of this effort, Metro will work in partnership with community leaders to re-envision transit safety and community-based approaches to policing as it considers the renewal of its multiagency law enforcement police contract in 2022. The establishment of a Transit Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC) will give Metro the opportunity to consult with key law enforcement and related community members to develop a more accountable culture of policing for its upcoming police contract.

What will the advisory committee be expected to do?

The advisory committee would incorporate Metro’s existing Community Safety and Security Working Group and provide additional perspectives from ridership and advocacy organizations in the areas of race, gender, income, geography, immigration and housing. The ultimate goal is to create a community-based approach to safety.  The PSAC will advise Metro’s System Security and Law Enforcement, Office of Civil Rights, Executive Officer for Equity and Race, and Executive Officer for Customer Experience on creating a community-based approach to public safety on the transit system. Areas of interest include:

  • Developing a transit ambassador program that provides staffed presence at Metro facilities and on Metro vehicles.
  • Identifying alternatives to armed law enforcement response to nonviolent crimes and code of conduct violations.
  • Enhancing greater community stewardship of transit spaces including stops and station plazas.
  • Education/expansion of Metro fare discount programs.
  • Outreach and services for unhoused individuals.
  • Input on the scope of services, budget, and other provisions of the multiagency police contract renewal.
  • Review Metro’s Customer Code of Conduct.
  • A shift of resources from armed law enforcement to the above strategies.

How many members is Metro looking to form this new committee and how long will they be needed?

Metro is seeking 15 community members and three alternates. In addition, three non-voting (ex-officio) members will represent Metro bus operators and maintenance/cleaning. Applicants should plan to be committed to participate in the committee until June 2022.

Who can be a member?

Committee membership is voluntary. Community members should be non-Metro employees that:

  • Regularly ride Metro buses or trains.
  • Are committed to ensuring that Metro follows best practices for providing transportation that is safe and feels safe for its customers.
  • Bring relevant knowledge and expertise as a resident, advocate for racial justice and/or public safety reform, law enforcement expert, mental health provider or expert, or social services provider or expert.

What other Metro departments are involved in this effort?

Metro’s System Security and Law Enforcement Department will engage Metro’s Office of Civil Rights, Office of Equity and Race and its Office of Customer Experience to develop this new community-based approach.

Where does Metro stand in regard to racial justice issues?

Metro believes in liberty and justice for all, and stands against systematic racism and senseless violence in all forms. We concurred with and understand those who protested for racial justice and equality and against police brutality earlier this year. Metro’s programs greatly reinforce this agenda, including our Board-adopted Equity Program and Women and Girls Governing Council. Metro has also established an Office of Civil Rights as well as an Office of Equity and Race to help ensure our system supports the rights of all our transit riders.

How will Metro be soliciting candidates for the Transit Public Safety Advisory Committee?

Metro will use its robust community relations and public relations capabilities to strategically recruit participants to its new committee. It will distribute emails, newsletters, virtual meetings and webinars, social media ads, blog posts and press releases to aid in its recruitment efforts.

How much time will be required of committee members?

Exact meeting times and dates will be finalized once the committee is established. However, Metro anticipates that meetings will occur twice per month. Meetings will take place virtually and most likely will be scheduled in the late afternoon or early evening. Metro anticipates that this will require a time commitment of at least 4 hours per month.

What exactly is Metro looking for in selecting committee members?

Metro is looking for individuals who regularly ride the Metro System, have knowledge and expertise as advocates for racial justice, equitable transportation and/or public safety reform, law enforcement experts, mental health providers or experts and/or social service providers.

How will members be selected?

Applications will be reviewed by the Chief System Security and Law Enforcement Officer, Chief Civil Rights Officer, Executive Officer for Equity and Race, Executive Officer for Customer Experience, Chief Communications Officer and Chief of Staff. A separate application process will be used to select three non-voting (ex-officio) Metro employees representing Metro bus operators and maintenance/cleaning.

What is the deadline for receiving community applications for this committee?

The application period is Oct. 19 – Nov. 13, 2020. All applications should be submitted by the close of business on Nov. 13, 2020.

How can I get more information?

Interested community stakeholders can get the latest updates here online. You can also call our PSAC information line at 213.922.4866.

Metro will host two virtual information sessions on October 28 and November 5, 2020. Please check back here at for more information on how to participate.

How can someone apply?

The membership application period is Oct. 19 – Nov. 13, 2020. Completed applications received during this period will be reviewed by a multi-departmental review panel at Metro.

  • Download Membership Application.
  • Pick up and drop off an application at any Metro Customer Center during temporary business hours.

How can I submit a completed application?

  • Online: Complete and submit the application here.
  • Email:
  • Mail: LA County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Attn: Public Safety Committee, 25th Floor. One Gateway Plaza. Los Angeles, CA 90012.
  • In person: Any Metro Customer Center during temporary business hours.

When will applicants be notified if their application has been received and if they have been accepted as a member?

Applicants will receive a confirmation once we’ve received their application. Applicants will be notified if they’ve been selected as a committee member no later than December 31, 2020.