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1. I drive more than one car to the metro station. How can I make sure that both cars are registered?

Monthly permit accounts allow for two license plates to be registered. Permit holders have the flexibility to change those license plates via their online account, which can be accessed at [insert new link] (under the Purchase Permit tab), however, only one registered vehicle can be parked at a time.

2. Is there a discount for seniors/veterans/employees/students?

Currently, discounts are not offered for parking fees.

3. Are parking spaces guaranteed for monthly permit holders?

All parking is on a first-come, first-served basis, however, monthly pass sales are limited and managed so permit holders and daily parkers have available parking throughout the day.

4. How do I view my monthly TAP card usage?

TAP card usage can be viewed by logging into your monthly permit account online. Once you log in, click the Manage Permit link in the Current Permits section. Click on the Usage History icon and enter the month that you want to view. Click Go and your usage will be displayed.

5. Where should my commuter check be mailed? Who should checks be made payable to?

Checks should be made payable to Joe’s Auto Parks.

Payment address:
707 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 4700
Los Angeles, Ca 90017
Attn: MTA Parking

6. I’m a WageWorks customer, will I be charged even though I‘ve already submitted payment? Do I still need to provide credit card information?

Credit card information is required to be added to your account. If your account is charged after payment has already been submitted to WageWorks, please contact us at (213) 223-7038 for further assistance.

7. What if I do not use my TAP card 10 days every month? Will I lose my permit?

We understand that, on occasion, permit holders will encounter situations that will limit the monthly use of their TAP card (i.e. medical, vacation, business travel, etc.). In these situations, the permit holder must apply for Eligibility Exemption.

Please visit to Download the Eligibility Exemption Application [update link]. Once completed, email the form to:

8. Is the TAP card eligibility requirement 10 one-way transactions or 10 daily transactions?

The requirement is that the registered TAP card must be used on 10 separate calendar days during the month.

9. If I am pre-approved for a monthly parking permit at a certain facility, may I switch facilities during this process?

Monthly parking permits are issued for specific facilities and are non-transferable.

10. Do handicap patrons get free or reduced-price permits?

All permit holders are responsible for the parking fees, including permit holders that display the ADA placard or plate.