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Nextrip Quick Guide

Nextrip estimated time arrivals Nextrip is a service designed to help take the guesswork out of bus and rail arrivals and help you to get to your stop at the same time as your bus or train. Nextrip uses satellite technology to find the specific location of a bus or train; then sends the estimated arrival time to a particular stop via cell phone, website or other mobile device.

Ways to Access the Service

Whether you are at your desktop computer or on your mobile device, you have options on how to access this simple and free service.

Text/SMS Access

Text “Metro” and your
stop number to 41411.

Leave a space between the word “Metro” and your stop number when entering text.

See Sample & More Info

Mobile Web Access

Point your mobile device
or smart phone to Nextrip mobile
and bookmark the page.

If GPS is enabled, your phone will automatically find the nearest stop or you can enter a new one.

See Sample & More Info

Phone Access

Call 511, say “Nextrip,”
and follow the prompts.

Say your stop number when asked.

Desktop Access

Go to
or and click on the Nextrip link.

Enter your stop number or select your route. Choose the direction you’re traveling and select your bus stop.